What other groups beside the Jews did Hitler target?

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Yes, he also targeted Slavs, Romani (Gypsies), Jehovah's Witnesses, the Handicapped, Homosexuals, Communists, Political Opponents, and more.
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What other ways beside gassing did Hitler kill Jews?

Well when the alliance was nearing the camps, the Germans used more gas and ran out, so they used guns after that in the concentration camps, and lined people up and shot them

Why did Hitler target the Jews and other minorities?

It is hard to convince people that the failures of any given society are a reflection of their failures as a collective. It is much easier to fault minorities and other groups

What other groups did the Nazi's persucute besides the Jews?

During World War II, the Jews were, indeed, not the only peoplepersecuted by the Nazis. Political opponents, especially socialistor communist activists, gypsies and homosexual

What other groups did Hitler targeted for persecution?

If you mean other than the main six or seven groups that are always mentioned; young people who listened to American music, people who supported him before he went to prison,

What other races did Hitler want to eliminate besides the Jews?

Hitler eliminated gypsies, homosexuals, communists, Jehovah's Witnesses, and anyone who was mentally or physically handicapped. Also anyone who was considered suspect for hold

What other groups were the target of Hitler and the nazi destructins besides jews?

The only other group that was targeted for destruction were various types of Gypsy, this decision was made very late on, though they had to suffer many simiilar ordeals to the

What other groups of people did Hitler target?

Anyone unlike him. He believed that the Germans were the master race on the earth and all others were inferior. Especially: Jews, English, French.... He even had a perfect

What clothing did Hitler require for other groups besides Jews?

Hitler required all the people in concentration camps to wear patches identifying them. Many other people besides Jewish people were treated this way. Here are other groups so