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I think they will have another series entitled Love or Bread. According to what I read, they'll start to shoot this series this month. The character was originally assigned to Barbie Xiu but she cancelled it due to her schedule. Because of this, the role was given to Ariel Lin.
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What movies does Joe Cheung and Ariel Lin star in?

  IF you're talking about "Joe Cheng" and Ariel Lin, then they have starred in the following dramas: It Started with a Kiss in 2005, They Kiss Again in 2007, and Love or B

What is the latest project of Ariel lin and joe cheng?

Love or bread is their latest project. But I kept on reading on the internet about the 'ISWAK 3' I think it'll be aired in the end of 2011. That's what I have red. But I think

What is the favorite color of joe cheng?

yellow and now my favorite color is yellow

Who is the wife of joe cheng?

i think his wife was Ariel lin and as I've know the wedding on the movie,started with a kiss was real wedding and they said accrording to the law they a real couple... so i

Did joe Jackson have other children?

Yes, he had another daughter not by Katherine. Her name is Jo'Vonnie. You can go to Youtube to see a picture of her, she looks very much like Joe Jackson.

Is Joe Cheng really gay?

No, Joe Cheng is not gay. The tabloids are just spreading wild rumors once again, to make their living. And no, Joe does NOT like Mike He, not like THAT. But as friends, like

Are Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng married in real life?

yes. yes. yes. yes. they are already married in real life. OK?! so stop asking! They are already married. Joe Cheng father really like Ariel Lin to be his daughter-in-la

Are joe cheng and Ariel lin a couple in real life?

  uhmm i think they are just confused right now in there team up, so they didn't determine if ever they have feeling for each other,,,   in an interview they said that,
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