What other uses are there for roadblocks and checkpoints?

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Help to prevent trafficking in contraband, stop the movement of known or suspected belligerents, control access into restricted or contested areas by individuals or elements that could cause hostilities between warring parties, assist friendly forces in detecting and evaluating the behavior patterns of the local populace, a critical part of the intelligence process
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Can police use a roadblock during a pursuit?

Answer . Yes, they can use roadblocks as long as they are reasonable. You must provide the opportunity for the violator to stop prior to hitting the roadblock. So you would

What is the advantages and disadvantages of using checkpoints in qtp?

Advantages: Inserting checkpoints into your test lets you search for a specific value of a page, object, or text string, which helps you determine whether your application

In what cases will you use checkpoint?

Checkpoints are used in situations where you need to go back to a point in time without losing a lot of information. This, of course, depends on the situation. Checkpoints c

What is another term used for DUI checkpoints?

Another term used to described driving under the influence or DUI checkpoints is "check stop". The term check stop is generally a more widespread term that applies to seatbelt

What is the list the uses for a manned checkpoint?

Control movement along specific routes, maintain continuous monitoring of road movement, apprehend suspects, prevent smuggling of controlled items, prevent infiltration of una

What is a sentence using the word checkpoint?

There were no guards that night at the checkpoint, so they escaped over the border. The police set up a checkpoint to see if people were drinking and driving. When he ar
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What is a benefit of using Checkpoint software?

Checkpoint Software Technologies offers a broad range of high quality network security software. The benefits of Checkpoint software are added security for websites and prote
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How is a checkpoint VPN used by someone?

A checkpoint VPN is used by first subscribing to the product through the Check Point website. Once this is done, you will have to use the software available on the website to
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What is the purpose of using CheckPoint VPN programs?

CheckPoints VPN programs are used for simplicity in creating and managing a VPN, or Virtual Private Network. Their programs allow the user to easily manage and control their V