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What part of a boat is the brow?

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Parts of a boat?

  A full list would be exhaustive here are a few. Hull, foremast, mainmast, sail, boom, halyard, rope, cleat, jackstay, mainstay, bow, stern, beam, helm, tiller, rudder,

What part of speech is boat?

The word boat is a noun. The plural is boats.

What are the parts of a boat called?

In simplistic terms. -The front is the "Bow". The left is the "Port side". The right is the "Starboard side". The back would be the "Stern". The part that floats is the "Hull

What part of the boat do you lower your anchor line?

It is recommended by the USCG that all vessels should be anchored from the bow,{front} and never the rear. In Texas it is illegal to anchor your boat in lakes or creeks and ri

What is the main part of the boat called?

Hull Is The Inside or bottom(?), and deck is the top. other than that i thinks its just called a boat. My best answer would be hull.

The rear part of the ship or boat?

The rear is the stern. To go towards the rear is to go aft. The bulkhead furthest aft is called the transom (very important to have because of all the water on the other side

What part of a boat is the 'poop deck'?

It's the wood part over to top of a cabin at the aft, the back of a ship, as opposed to where Leonardo DiCaprio did a top-of-the-world bit in Titanic, the movie, not the ship