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What part of the plant does corn come from?

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The corn that we eat is the seed part of the corn plant. Each little kernel is a fertilized seed, and if left to mature and dry can be planted and will grow a corn plant.
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What part of the plant does the grapes come from?

Grapes come from the roots. Over the years Scientists found out that grapes don't come from seeds. They come from roots. They don't come from flowers either. It was discovered

What part of the plant is the corn?

Corn is what the entire plant is called. What you're probably thinking about is the part we eat. This is the seed, know in corn plants as the kernel (pronounced as it is spell

What part of a plant do cloves come from?

when BUDS of a plant are dried and broken, people put it in a dry and cool place and the buds turn into cloves. But this procedure takes many years, around 10 or maybe more.

What part of the cow do corn beef come from?

  According to Wikipedia , Corned Beef has two meanings : 1. refers to a cut of beef ( usually brisket , but sometimes round or silverside ) cured or pickled in a seasoned

What part of the plant is the corn silk in corn?

The female flower styles & stigma. The silk is the stringy fibers on the inside of the corn husk that stick out of the top to catch pollen. Corn silk is also used as a diuret
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What part of the plant does flour come from?

Flour comes from the roots of the plant. There is a natural powder inside of the roots to make flour.
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What part of a plant does tea come from?

Tea is made from the Camellia sinensis plant. Different types of tea are made from different parts of the tea plant. Most teas (including those graded as orange pekoe) are m