What part of the plant does the bean come from?

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The bean grows from the center of the flower that the plant produces.
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What part of the plant does corn come from?

Answer . The corn that we eat is the seed part of the corn plant. Each little kernel is a fertilized seed, and if left to mature and dry can be planted and will grow a corn plant.

What part of a plant does a turnip come from?

Answer . \nThe turnip, like the potato, the carrot, the beet and the radish, is a root vegetable. On top, it's a turnip plant. If you dig it up out of the soil, you have your turnip.

What part of the plant does an onion come from?

The edible part of the onion is called the bulb. These are true bulbs, as they can be lifted, stored and replanted. It is also not uncommon for the stems (shoots) to be eaten, these are normally cut up and used in salads much the same as Chives. The common garden onion is botanically known as Al (MORE)

What part of the plant does a garlic come from?

Garlic comes from a bulb that forms at the bottom of the plant. When you plant a single clove of garlic, it sends up tubular leaves, like large green onions. As each new leaf is added, it forms a clove of garlic inside the bulb, and a "wrap" around the entire garlic bulb.

What part of the plant does broccoli come from?

Answer . The broccoli head is actually the collective flower buds of the plant. Each of the tiny green parts of the broccoli head will open into a yellow flower if left uncut. This head rises up from the center of the plant.

What part of the plant does the squash come from?

The squash vegetable comes from the flowering part of the plant.This occurs after pollination has happened. The plant's seeds arefound within the fruit of the plant or what we call a vegetable.

What part of a plant does tea come from?

Tea is made from the Camellia sinensis plant. Different types of tea are made from different parts of the tea plant. Most teas (including those graded as orange pekoe ) are made from the top two leaves and the leaf bud from the tea plant. Souchongs (such as Lapsang souchong) and Congou teas ar (MORE)

What part of the plant green beans come from?

answer 2 Green bean plants come in several styles, dwarf , 2.5m tall. Their pod lengths run from about 100mm to c 400mm respectively. In all cases they are the seeding part of the bean plant, the genera Phaseolus . Green beans are not necessarily coloured green, the adjective may mean th (MORE)

What part of the plant does the grapes come from?

Grapes come from the roots. Over the years Scientists found out that grapes don't come from seeds. They come from roots. They don't come from flowers either. It was discovered that grapes don't sprout from flowers. Grapes have nothing to do with Flowers. Grapes are like radishes and carrots.

What part of the plant does the pickle come from?

pickles are small cucombers that are picked befor they mature then are soaked in differant types of brine for certain amounts of time then sold in large cities by a pickle monger or in good German delicatessans . large quanties are sold to food corporations who age them in their own secretive way

What part of which plant does sugar come from.?

Answer: . The plants and the parts that are best known for containing sugar are:. Maize (aka sweet corn) has sugar in the seeds. . Sugar beet and carrots both have sugar in the root. . Sugar cane has sugar in the stem. . Maple and aspen sap is harvested and dewatered to make a sugar syru (MORE)

What part of the plant does sweetcorn come from?

First, stop screaming. Second, when you repeat your question where answers go, people searching for unanswered questions will overlook it because it is marked as answered. The ear. Corn is corn.

What part of south America did cocoa beans come from?

Cacao (or cocoa) beans are the seeds of an Amozonian fruiting tree. The Mexican Mayan kings would drink up to 30 pure chocolate drinks per day to maintain their vigour and valued the bean so highly that it was used as money. Theobroma cacao means 'food of the Gods'. the bean has 400 flavour compo (MORE)

Which part of the plant does milk come from?

Milk comes from a cow, not a plant. . Many plants produce a 'milk' when they are damaged. It is basically the sap of the plant. These tend to be fairly succulent and most (if not all) are edible. Milkweed and Dandilions are two of the most common. . Soy milk is not milk, it is the actual beans gro (MORE)

What plant to kidney beans come from?

The kidney bean plant. If you actually take a kidney bean from a goya bean package and put it in dirt and water, it will actually grow. The kidney bean plant is a fast growing bean plant that does not require support like a bean pole like peas.

Does cocaine and the cocoa bean come from the same plant?

No. Cocaine comes from the leaves of the coca plant ( Erythroxylaceae coca ), whereas the cocoa bean ( Theobroma cacao ), where chocolate is made from, comes from the cocoa tree. Coca is a shrub whereas cocoa is a tree. Check out the related links below for more information.

Which part of a plant does a leek come from?

The leek is the plant. Each leek grows individually. When you buy them in the store, you can still see the roots. Just like onions, carrots, turnips and other root vegetables the entire plant is pulled up to harvest them.

Where can you get a bean plant?

At this time of year, the easiest thing to do is buy a packet of bean seeds (they are in some stores already) and plant a couple of seeds an inch deep in a pot, water and keep in the sunlight. They should come up in less than a week - beans grow rapidly.

What part of a plant do cloves come from?

when BUDS of a plant are dried and broken, people put it in a dry and cool place and the buds turn into cloves. But this procedure takes many years, around 10 or maybe more.

Which part of a plant does a beetroot come from?

The beetroot, the part we eat and use, is actually the root of a plant. that's why it's called a beetroot. Sometimes, you can see the upper portion of the plant, but it's usually cut off. Ginger, potatoes, and radishes are other root vegetables.

From what plants do lima beans come?

Phaseolus lunatus is the lima bean. Its well know as a "butter bean" as well and other names in other counties. The Lima Bean is known in so many different cultures and called so many different names.