What party has more millionaires Democrats or Republicans?

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Assuming we say that a "millionaire" means anyone with a NET WORTH of more than $1 million, about 9% of the total number of households in the US qualify, as of the 2011 tax year. Surveys of people asking about wealth and party affiliations show that the Republican party outnumbers the Democratic party in that demographic. For instance, for those reporting an annual income of $150,000 or more (which is a good estimate of $1 million or more net worth), Republicans outnumber Democrats by about 54% to 38% (the rest being Independents).
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Does the US have more Republicans or Democrats?

Actually..."An August 2008 estimate is that 51% of registered voters, including independents, lean toward the Democratic Party and 38% lean toward the Republican Party." The original answer below was taken from Pew Research in 2006. Source: http://pewresearch.org/pubs/933/a-closer-look-at-the-par (MORE)

When was the democratic and the Republican parties started?

The Democratic Party emerged in the 1830s, consisting of those who supported Pres Andrew Jackson against his opponents, who then called themselves "National Republicans" and later "Whigs.". Democrats often claimed a longer ancestry as supposed heirs of the Democratic-Republican Party of Thomas Jeff (MORE)

What is the symbol for the Democratic Party and the republican?

The Republican elephant was created by cartoonist Thomas Nast and appeared in_Harper's Weekly_, Nov. 7, 1874. Before then, an 1860 issue of _Railsplitter_ and an 1872 _Harper's Weekly_ also had cartoons connecting Republicans with elephants.. In New York, also in 1874, there was an untrue story wri (MORE)

Are the democratic and Republican Party the same?

Yes they are. Just use your critical thinking and it all becomesvery obvious. The Republican and Democratic parties are tools theAmerican government uses to brainwash the American people. Whathappens when you have two parties that represent the two sides ofthe political spectrum, is that you keep th (MORE)

Which party has elected more Presidents the Democratic Party or Republican Party?

Elected Republican presidents outnumber modern Democrats 16 to 9. Counting elections, Republicans won 23 to 16 starting in 1860. Those 9 Democrats are : 1) Grover Cleveland, 2) Woodrow Wilson, 3) Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 4) Harry S. Truman, 5) John F. Kennedy, 6) Lyndon B. Johnson , 7) Jim (MORE)

Does Congress have more Democrats or Republicans?

Congress is bicameral , having the House of Representatives and theSenate. Currently the House of Representatives is controlled by theRepublican Party with a ratio of 234:199. The Senate is currentlycontrolled by the Democratic Party and has a ration of 53:45. Socurrently there are more Republicans (MORE)

What party did the Democratic-Republican Party become?

The Democratic-Republican Party split into two separate parties in 1824: the National Republican Party and the Democratic Party. The National Republican Party later becoming the Whig Party from 1833-1856, which then split into the Free Soil and Know-Nothing parties, as well as a new incarnation o (MORE)

How did the Democratic-Republican Party start?

The Democratic-Republican Party was founded by James Madison andThomas Jefferson as an opposing voice to Alexander Hamilton'sFederalists. The party consisted of many people identified asAnti-Federalists during the Constitutional Convention.

Why is there a Republican Party and a democratic party?

The Republican and Democratic parties exist due to the strikingly contrasting ethnic and cultural differences of each. Though both parties originally lacked ideological differences, they were clearly separated by difference of beliefs in regards to issues of morality and liberalism. Democrats bel (MORE)

What is the better party republican or Democrat?

It depends on where you personally stand on issues, but me personally, Democrats. Republicans believe in not sharing money with the poor, and instead tax the needy, not the rich and greedy. Democrats believe in equal economy, not just giving one class the advantage.

When were the Democratic Party and the Republican Party founded?

\n \nDemocratic Party\n1792 / 1820s\nThomas Jefferson / Andrew Jackson\nAmerican Liberalism, American Progressivism, Social Liberalism\n \nRepublican Party\n1854\nAlvan E. Bovay\nConservatism, Economic Liberalism, Neoconservatism, Social Conservatism

Who led the Democratic-Republican Party?

The Democratic-Republican Party was originally created by ThomasJefferson and James Madison. It was founded in response toopposition to the Federalist Party.

Was the Federalist party more like the Republican or Democratic party of today?

None- at the time, the Federalists were running against the Democrat-Republicans, who were opposed to strong national government with strong intervention, a national bank, and especially the federalist support for North Eastern bankers' and merchants' interests. Once the Federalists died out, the De (MORE)

Which party is better Republican or Democratic?

Depends, if you are in a middle, or high class home owner, you would be a republican. If you are a lower class, or is not very rich, you would be a democrat. But if you ask me, Democrats, because republicans are corrupted rich people who believe in taxing the poor, not the rich. Also, they believe i (MORE)

Are there more Republicans or democrats in Oklahoma?

As of now, Oklahoma has far more Republicans. It's one of the "reddest" states in the country next to Utah. It has a Republican governor, 2 Republican Senators, all Republican Representatives, and always votes Republican for president.

Is Wisconsin a Republican Party or a Democratic Party?

As of 2013, the Wisconsin state legislature is controlled by the Republican Party and the governor is a Republican, Scott Walker. But historically, Wisconsin has had both Democratic and Republican legislators and members of congress: former Senator Russ Feingold, for example, is a Democrat, and form (MORE)

What was the other party that is not Democratic or Republican?

The Whig Party was a major political party from 1834 to 1856. There are several other political parties in the United States,including the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, the Peace andFreedom Party, the American Independent Party, the RevolutionaryCommunist Party, and many more.

What is more common Democrat or Republican?

In the U.S. as of November 2012 there are more Republicans.About 50-60 million people are registered as Republicans. About35-45 million people are registered as Democrats. ThoughRepublicans lost the presidential race this year they have a hugemajority among elected officials in our government contro (MORE)

Is Obama a republican or Democratic Party?

President Obama is not a party. He is a member of a party. In America, there are two major (and several other minor) political parties. Mr. Obama is a member of the Democratic Party-- so, we would say he is a Democrat.

Was the Democratic Party the same as the Democratic-Republican Party?

Yes and no. Depending on which region of the country a person lived in, his affiliation with the Democratic-Republicans may have been abbreviated to either "Democrat" or "Republican," but the first political group carrying the name "Democratic Party" was a different entity. After the Presidential el (MORE)

Which political party has more millionaires?

Note that "millionaire" can be measured two ways: (a) annual income above one million, or (b) net worth as a positive million or more. Given inflation and the increased value of homes (the major investment of most people), the number of millionaires has increased sharply over time. Using (a) a (MORE)

How are the Democratic Party and the Republican parties alike?

They are both capitalist parties; they usually agree on foreign policy; they both support imperialism, the elected political leaders are usually very wealthy people, don't seem to understand that we need a single payer national health system in the United States, and support military buildups.

What were the democratic-republican and federalist parties?

The Federalists party was prevalent during 1792-1816. It was created by Alexander Hamilton with followers such as George Washington as well as many other people that believed in strong centralized government, a national bank and limited states rights just to name a few. Along with Hamilton, John Ada (MORE)

What is the democratic and Republican parties?

Democratic - support higher taxes and more government, color is blue, party to the left Republican - support lower taxes and less government, color is red, party to the right Third party - called independent, never won an election, push for a new idea or push for a particular issue, don't (MORE)

Who was the founder of the Democratic-Republican party?

Thomas Jefferson is generally credited as being the founder of the Democratic-Republican Party (from a group originally called the Anti-Federalists). He was joined by former Federalist Party member James Madison, who adopted Jefferson's views of government.

Why did the National Republican Parties split into the Democratic-Republican Party?

The question is backward: Jefferson's Democratic-Republican party split into the National Republican Party and the Democratic Party after the Presidential election of 1824. Once the Federalist Party collapsed, the Democratic-Republican party dominated government, but there was a false sense of no (MORE)

Why are Democrats more common then Republicans?

The reason they are more common is due to the fact they haveexisted longer than the third parties and thus get the mostrecognition. Additionally, the Democratic Party has aligned to it more workersand minority groups. This however, has not stopped the Republicansfrom winning federal government offic (MORE)

Contrast the republican and democratic parties?

The Democratic Party was founded in 1792 by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, sixty-two years before the Republican Party was founded in 1854 by anti-slavery activists and modernizers. Democrats are generally more liberal. They believe in a larger federal government, and often implement tax plans (MORE)

When did the Democratic-Republican Party die?

The Democratic-Republican Party didn't die, in the sense that they simply faded as the Federalists had; they actively split the party into two new parties (National Republicans and Democrats) after the Presidential election of 1824 because of major ideological differences that became intolerable t (MORE)

What was the opposing party to the Democratic-Republicans?

In the late 18th- and early 19th-centuries, the party opposing Jefferson's Democratic-Republicans was the Federalist Party. The Federalists were the United States' first official political party, but began losing power after the 1800 presidential election and eventually died out completely.

How were the Democratic Party and the republican parties different?

The Democratic and Replublican parties were once united into one party called the Democratic-Republican Party, which was created by Thomas Jefferson at 1792. The Federalists opposed the Constitution and were made up of the high, wealthy class. They believed in a strong central government and a natio (MORE)

Are there more registered democrats or republicans?

This is a very good question. What makes it a very good question is the fact that it is very difficult to answer. Thirty States in the USA require some kind of party affiliation (or non-affiliation) as a part of their voter registration system. So if you are looking for "registered Democrats or Re (MORE)

Who is more philanthropic democrats or republicans?

It honestly depends on what time period you're talking about, and what you consider philanthropy. Also, if you're talking about people who are supportive of these political parties, or the political parties themselves, or Presidents that belong to each party. Its also rather difficult to say because (MORE)

How and why the democratic republican party split?

So, sometime between the 1860s and 1936 , the (Democratic) party of small government became the party of big government, and the (Republican) party of big government became rhetorically committed to curbing federal power.