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What party is Andrew Jackson affiliated with?

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andrew jackson did a democrat party
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Andrew Jackson party affiliation and have it ever changed parties?

Jackson was the essence of a party known as the 'Democratic Party". This party was really formed after he lost the election of 1824 because he did not a majority of electora

What was the party affiliation of George Washington?

George Washington is currently the only president to have been elected without any official endorsement by a political party. Generally speaking, Washington's policies reflec

What political party formed to oppose Andrew Jackson?

The Whig Party was formed in the winter of 1833--1834 by former National Republicans such as Henry Clay and John Quincy Adams, and by Southern States Rights supporters such a

What was Chester Nimitz party affiliation?

During the time that Nimitz was in the service, it was traditional that officers did not take part in politics, since they were obliged to serve loyally no matter who was elec