What percent of US population has completed an ultra-marathon?

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Certainly less than one tenth of one percent of the US population has attempted this physical feat successfully. A 100 kilometer run completed within 24 hours by a Battalion sized unit in full pack and gear may have never been completed with a 100 % rate. Water is usually the determining factor. During the Kennedy Administration he challenged Marines to complete a 50 mile march within 24 hours and still be ready for Combat. That meant that at the end of that arduous hike, they were required to complete the PRT within the same 24 hours. Mortality became a serious issue when it was attempted at the Schools Demonstration Troops at Quantico, Virginia. The hike could be handled by 90% of the troops, but less than 50% of those that completed the hike managed to pass the PRT test in at least one element and were therefore considered unprepared for combat. That damning criticism lead to many retirements. No Marine wants to be considered as unprepared to go into combat,
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