What percent of our body weight is sketelal weight?

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Apparently the bones account for about 12% of body weight in females and about 15% in males in a normal sized frame.
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How do you calculate weight loss by percent?

You could use a BMI calculator which gives you a ratio. The ratio is your weight in relation to your height. You can use this ratio as your percentage to measure how far you are from your ideal weight.

What percent of your own weight can you carry?

The amount of weight you can carry depends on the amount of muscular mass that you have, the amount of energy you are able to burn per second and the condition and size of your skeletal system. . Generally most people can carry a load just over 50% of their own weight comfortably without any serio (MORE)

How do you convert percent weight to percent volume?

to calculate the weight from the volume, you always multiply by the density.\n. \nexample: If the benzene content is 2.5%v/v, then in 100mL of gasoline, you have 2.5mL of benzene. If the density of Benzene at 15.5°C is 0.81g/mL, then 2.5 x 0.81 = 2.0%w/v.

What percent of your body weight is muscle?

The percent depends on your body. If you want to find out, there are tests that can be done. . The percent of total body mass that is muscle tissue depends greatly on age, gender, and physical condition. . Estimates for young children are in the range of 30%, rising to 45% for male recreational at (MORE)

If someone weighs 142 pounds and has 10 percent body fat how much weight can they lose to get to 7 percent body fat?

It has very little to do with how much "weight" you lose, it's strictly how much fat you lose to drop bmi. You could lose 5 lbs and remain at the same bmi if all you lose is water and muscle. Dropping bmi takes a calculated and delibrate diet and exercise routine. If you are 142 lbs and are at 10 (MORE)

Percentage of leg weight to body weight?

Google [ leg weight percent ] gives me a page on netwellness.org, which says each leg is 10 percent. But it also gives a previous answer here on WikiAnswers of 14 percent, which agrees with an answer of 15.7% on Ask an Anatomist.

What percent of body weight is water?

Average: On average, adult humans have 57 to 60 % water by mass. More: The human body has a variable water content that changes daily and with age and gender and body type. On average, adult humans have 57 to 60 % water by mass. At birth, a baby can have up to 75% water weight and this (MORE)

What percent of a malamute's weight can he carry?

\nIn a weight pulling competition a dog is asked to pull 23 times its weight. So a malamute is capable of pulling at least that, but you have to remember the capabilities of a dog depends entirely on the individual dog, its health and its state of mind.

How do you convert ppm to weight percent?

To convert ppm to wt%, you need to divide ppm with 1000000 to get to wt%. For example: If you have 4000ppm, it is the same as 0.004 wt%. I dont agree with this answere. Actually 4000ppm means 4000mg in 1Kg (1000g). Hence a simple solution is as under; 1000g contains 4000mg or 1000g co (MORE)

What percent of a baby's weight is water?

Basic Answer: At birth, a baby can have up to 75% water weight and this decreases with age. More: The human body has a variable water content that changes daily and with age and gender and body type. On average, adult humans have 57 to 60 % water by mass. At birth, a baby can have up t (MORE)

What is percent of men who can bench press double their body weight?

It is almost impossible to bench 2x your body weight. With proper diet and a lot of time at the gym you can reach about 1.8x your body weight with good genetics. Only about 10% of the population of men will do 1 1/2x there body weight and 1% will hit 2x there body weight. The less you weigh the bett (MORE)

What should never be more than 10 percent of body weight?

A backpack In a recent study, six out of 10 students, ages 9 to 20, reported chronic back pain related to backpacks, the group said.Occupational therapist Janet O'Flynn said the most common complaints come from backpacks that are too heavy or improperly worn and cause pain or strain to the back and (MORE)

Where does a body have least weight?

The answer is at the center of the Earth, where an mass or object has the negligible / lightest weight. The weight is proximate to be zero & the reason is that the mass of the object is pulled equally in all directions so all the forces remain cancel out & the weight becomes negligible / can be cons (MORE)

What is an ideal body weight?

There is no ideal body weight. Weight is related to height and body composition (irrespective of age). For more information, see the two page links, one for adults, one for children, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

How do you calculate percent usual body weight?

To calculate percent usual body weight (%UBW) you just use the following formula: %UBW = (100 x Actual Weight)/Usual body weight For example, if you have a woman who normally weighs 180lbs, but due to trauma or surgery currently weighs only 162, her %UBW would be as follows: %UBW = (100 x 162)/180 = (MORE)

Why is the weight of a body less in mine?

Gravitational force is between two object caused by energy in mass. Here when you are in a mine the radius of the earth in case of calculating gravity is reduced to the length between you and the center. This means the mass of earth is decreasing even though the distance is decreasing. Relative to t (MORE)

Pecentage of blood out of body weight?

About 10% of the human body weight is blood. If you divide your body weight by 12, that will tell you the approximate # of pints of blood are in your body.

Is it better to work out with weights or body weight to lose weight?

Weight loss is a matter of burning calories. It has far less to do with the specific type of exercise than it does the intensity and duration with which it is performed. Most trainers would recommend long duration exercises like running, cycling, or swimming for weight loss. To answer your quest (MORE)

What percent of body weight does a goat eat in grass per day?

The short, textbook answer is 4 1/2 percent body weight. But in reality is depends on many factors. a mature goat can eat upwards of 10 gallons of rough forage per day.This is a large amount, and constitutes the higher end of possible intake of low quality (mostly insoluble fiber) food. Grass is (MORE)

Why body weight increase after death?

The body weight increases once nothing can support it anymore. It is like a truck. With wheels, it can run, but without, it is as still as space.

How do you figure out 60 percent of your body weight?

As 100 to 60. So for 70 to ? ( 70 kg is considered as a average weight of a man.) So it comes to be 70*60/100=42 kg or liters. Weight of one liter of water is one kg at 20 decree Celsius. ( Water has highest density at 4 degree Celsius. Making it possible for most marine animals to survive at polar (MORE)

What percent of adult body weight is water?

Average: On average, adult humans have 57 to 60 % water by mass. The variability depends on muscle and body fat. More: The human body has a variable water content that changes daily and with age and gender and body type. On average, adult humans have 57 to 60 % water by mass. At birt (MORE)

What determine 70 percent of your body weight and shape?

Genes because I had that homework in online health and it is the only thing that makes since, and since I'm answereing this I'm assuming it's to late for you antway meaning you must be really dumb to ask a question for something you won't be able to get in time think things out smart one

What percent of goat body weight is useful?

Not 100% sure in a goat but I would think it would be similar to a calf. If so, you can expect about half of the standing weight as loss. As an example,, if the goat weighs in at 80 lbs., you should expect about 40 lbs. of usable meat.

What percent of body weight is on the front foot in front stance?

The answer will depend on the system. About 70% is standard for most martial arts, but Taekwondo has a forward walking stance that is much closer to 50%. Front stance is an older stance and was seen much more prominently in the older Chang Han and Pal-Gwe forms. THe newer Tae-Gyuk forms use the forw (MORE)