What percent of the US population currently serves in the military?

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Less than one percent
Around 2,266,883 are in the military to this day.
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What percent of Americans serve in the military?

The current size of the U.S. military, including reserve formations, is about 2.5 million members. As the current population of the U.S. is about 310 million, that means 0.8%

What percent of US Presidents served in the military?

I count 28 out of 43 which is 65 per cent. Some of the 28 such as Fillmore, Buchanan, Lincoln and "W" Bush saw very limited service either in a home guard or short term . I
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What percentage of US population is serving on active duty in the military?

1% . Army. 548,000. 456,651. 88,093. 74,411. 243,172. Marine Corps [28] . 203,095. 182,147. 20,639. 12,290. Navy. 332,000. 276,276. 51,093. 51,029. 182,845
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What percent of the military has served in combat?

Actually seeing combat (actually exchanging bullets) today (21st century) for the US military (counting the US Navy, US Air Force, US Coast Guard, US Marine Corps, US Army) le