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As of September 2017, about 33 million questions have been answered on WikiAnswers out of the approximately 46.7 million questions that are currently posted on the site. That means a little over 70% of questions on WikiAnswers have been answered.
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That's a tough one. Some questions are more difficult to answer than others. For instance, "how do I break up with my boyfriend?" There are a lot of those and they may sit around longer before they are answered. However, who was the third president of the United States is an easier one because it's objective.

WikiAnswers has more answered questions than unanswered ones, but new questions and answers are being added every few minutes so the numbers are never static. To give it some quantitative sense, according to the conference call by Answer's management on August 13, 2007, out of the total 670,000 questions 375,000 were answered. It gives a slightly better ratio that two to one.
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If you believe that your question has sufficient information to beanswered and should not have been placed into this catch-allquestion, please e-mail GoodQuestion @ WikiAnswer

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This is impossible to give an accurate answer to. Questions can be  answered within literally seconds of appearing on the site - or  remain unnswerd for years. It all depend