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What percentage of people in the world are white?

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8% White

92% Non-White
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What percentage of people have cancer in the world?

The current estimated human population for the planet earth in 2010 is 6,865,300,000 by the United States Census Bureau. The United Nations estimates that world population wil

What percentage of people in the world are gay?

The US Census does not collect data on sexuality; however, according to a recent study by the Williams Institute at the University of California, 11% of the adult population h

Percentage of white people in the world?

There is many white (light skinned) people in the world. To have a close estimate or exact, there is around 8.85% of those considered white people in the world. The rest would

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The exact number of multilingual people in the world is impossible to know for sure because there are several factors that define the term "multilingual." The most common way

What percentage of people are theists in the world?

The definition of "theist" is dependant on many factors - many religions do not agree on which god o gods to worship and "non-believers may not be lumped in with the theists.