What percentage of people read their horoscopes?

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about 70% of people read their horoscopes
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What percentage of people read the Bible?

VATICAN LETTER May-2-2008 (840 words) Backgrounder. With graphic posted May 1. xxxi Not an easy read: Survey indicates Bible hard to understand http://www.catholicnews.com/da

How do people do horoscopes?

Chinese astrology . is based on your Year, Month, Day and Time (Chinese hour if available) of birth From ancient times, the Chinese have believed that certain parameters of

Why do people read horoscopes?

Because they want to know what is going to happen in the future. Like if they get rich or famous or meet a celebraty. Or some people want to know when they are going to die...
In France in WW2

What percentage of the people in France can read?

In the world literacy league, France comes equal 19th at 99%, though most of those above her are former members of the USSR and their figures may not be all that accurate. The