What percentage of people run a half marathon?

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i dont know the answer for a half marathon but i read that only 1 percent of the population has run a marathon(26.2) In a 2008 New York Times article about the Half Marathon becoming the hottest new distance in running, it estimates that 650,000 people completed half marathons in the US in 2007. A Google search of the US population for 2007 gives a result of 301M total people. This would make the percentage of half-marathon finishers less than 1%. We're a pretty special group, eh? :)
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Why do people run marathons?

Because it was back in time during a war in Greece where a messenger ran from a town called marathon to pass on some relavant message about the enemy and the distance was 26.2

What percentage of the population run marathons?

407,000 runners finished marathons in the USA in 2007. With the population at around 303,500,000 that calculates to about one-tenth of a percent, or 1 per every thousand.. Th

How long to run a half marathon?

Depends how fast you run, you'd imagine. Usain Bolt at full speed would do a half marathon in less than an hour. If you walk it, you'd do it in about 2-2.25 hours. It depend

How old do you have to be to run a half marathon?

The answer depends upon the race. Most races will set a minimum age of 14 or 18, depending upon whether they want to include HS age athletes or not. Some races will not specif

What percentage people finish marathons?

According to statistics, slightly over 50 percent of the peoplefinish marathons. The others usually give up and drop out in thecourse of the marathon.

What percentage of people ever run Boston Marathon?

Considering that only about 500K people have ever run the Boston Marathon in over 115 years, the answer is not very many. If we're looking at just the US population, then t