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What is the percentage of Muslims in America?

Answer 1 There is no exact number, as the United States census does not collect information on religion, but estimates range from anywhere starting at 1.5 million and ending (MORE)
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What percentage of atheists live in America?

According to, there are about 3 million atheists living in the USA (about 9% of the population). Worldwide, there are an estimated 200 million atheists worldwide (MORE)

What is the percentage of female killers in America?

We only have 86 female killers from the US. Is a rare thing when a female serial killer comes up. Female serial killers tend to murder men for material gain. The an analysis o (MORE)

What is the percentage of racism in America?

Original answer: I won't say racism is non existence in America. Rather there is still racism among the whites towards the black Negros, who had to fight hard dating back th (MORE)
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What percentage of Americas like rice?

\n. In 2004 Dr.Huexk did a research asking Americans if they like rice or not. 57% liked white rice , 22% liked black rice and 21% did not like rice. Welcome