What percentage of the worlds population are native English speakers?

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on 20080706, according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_language#Geographical_distribution
, there are 375 Million native speakers. current world population is about 6.7 billion
. that's 5.5%.

depending on how you count second language proficiency, possibly 1.8 billion people speak English, or 27%.
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What percentage of the worlds population is not you?

The currently population of the Earth was 6,775,235,741 in 2009 according to the world bank. Given that "you" equals 1 person then the population of the earth in 2009 was 6,775,235,741 minus 1. 1 person is 1.475 (rounded) of 6,775,235,741 therefore the answer is 98.525%

What percentage of the world population are Catholic?

Roman Catholic Answer The Vatican-Annuario reported in March 2012 that the worldwide Cahtolic population reached 1.196 billion, which means that Catholics as a percentage of the global population "remained stable at around 17.5 percent ." See the report at the link below.

What percentage of world's population speak English?

It is estimated that almost 30% of humans can speak English (over two billion). English is the most spoken language on the planet, counting first, second, third, etc. language speakers. It is the official language of over 50 countries and it is a language of business and marketing world wide.

What percentage of british population is English?

The UK census form gives a box to tick for for those of every other ethnic identity OTHER than the English, who have the option only of 'white British'. This is a major point of contention with a growing number of English people as it effectively removes them from the census, making them invisib (MORE)

Who is a Native Speaker?

A native speaker is a person that speaks a different language astheir main language. Native speakers can be very valuable tocertain companies such as law firms.

How many native english speakers are there?

The percentage of native English speakers vary in differentcountries. US (67.9%), UK (14%), Canada(6.7%), Australia (4.2%),Nigeria (0.9%), Ireland (0.9%), South Africa (0.9%), New Zealand(0.9%) Other (3.6%).

What is the simplest native American language for an English speaker to learn?

There is no native American language anywhere in the Americas that behaves in the same way as English; native grammars are generally far more complex than in English and in many native languages almost every word is a verb form (even nouns) or a predicate describing a verb form. Many words are compo (MORE)

Percentage of the world population speaks fluent English?

The estimated number of people in the world that speak Englishfluently is about 30 percent of the population. If the world'spopulation is about 7,264,712,400 people. This would mean thatroughly 2,179,413,720 people in the world currently speak Englishfluently.

What is the hardest language to learn for a native English speaker?

The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) of the US Department of State has compiled approximate learning expectations for a number of languages. Of the 63 languages analyzed, the five most difficult languages to reach proficiency in speaking and proficiency in reading (for native English speakers who alr (MORE)

What percentage of the world population is uncircumcised?

\nIt is estimated that around 20% of the world's men are circumcised. The vast majority of these men are circumcised Muslims, but the number also includes circumcised men in other areas of the world circumcised for medical reasons or cultural reasons (such as in the United States).\n. \nLocal circu (MORE)

What percentage of the world's population can speak English?

About 500,000,000 people speak English as a first language, so that would be around 7% of all humans speak English as a first language. As any other language but first, it is estimated that 2,100,000,000 humans speak English, or about 30%.

How many words does average educated native speaker of English know?

Professor David Crystal, known chiefly for his research in English language studies and author of around 100 books on the subject says, "Most people know about 50,000 words easily. A reasonably educated person about 75,000 An ordinary person, one who has not been to university say, would know about (MORE)

What percentage of the world population is vegetarian?

Brahmins, Jains, Agarwals, Baiays and Vaisnav followers are vegetarian .The number of vegetarians is increasing by 10% every year.A difficult one to answer. Most of the vegetarians in the world are vegetarian because of their economic situation. In India about 30% are lacto vegetarian because of th (MORE)

What language has the greatest number of non-native speakers in the world?

My guess is English, but the question is tricky. Non-native speakers does NOT mean every single speaker of English born outside of the UK, North America and Australia. There are many different Englishes, including the English spoken as a first or dual language by natives of India, the Philippines an (MORE)

How does the accent of a native spanish-speaker sound when speaking English?

It depends. If the native Spanish speaker have learned English in the appropriate environment, my case, you won't be able to detect a Spanish accent. Otherwise, you'll hear the accent of their locality. For example:. Those from Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay will sound like they're singing when th (MORE)

Should English be taught by a native speaker?

Not necessarily. However, get the best teacher you can. A teacher of English who is also a native English speaker will invariably have a wider vocabulary, better pronounciation and a better knowledge of the normal/natural use of the English language, and be able to provide better examples of good En (MORE)

What percentage of the worlds population is British?

Population of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (1 July 2010): 62,300,000 or 62.3 million people. Therefore, people of British nationality make up approximately 0.89% of the global population.

Judaism percentage of worlds population?

According to the TIME Almanac 2009:. As of mid-2008, the estimated total world Jewish population was 15.1 million, or roughly 0.2%. (Two tenths of one percent.)

What percentage of the world population is Catholic?

Roman Catholic Answer The Vatican-Annuario reported in March 2012 that the worldwide Cahtolic population reached 1.196 billion, which means that Catholics as a percentage of the global population "remained stable at around 17.5 percent ." See the report at the link below.

How do you become a native English speaker?

A native English speaker is a person whose first language they learn as a baby is English, so its not something you can become unless you are born to it. If your antive language is another language you can lean to speak English like a native by listening carefully to English speakers and practici (MORE)

What percentage of the world population has job?

That's a spicy question. Additionally a question that has been inquired on before by plenty of people. Some privy folks may even suggest that you had better utilize belt and braces when asking a question resembling this one.

What percentage of the world population is Buddist?

well the god hipris made with water and fire and this peace of his heart so that he would know when people are good and when people bad and it took him , 3 days to make the world , in the end on the forth day he started making living things in to the world and it all suddenly when to plan people all (MORE)

How many english speakers are in the world?

I'm afraid that can not be answered you see because so many new humans come into the world at this exact moment we just don't know it and they speak English well not all but some.

Which language would be completely unrecognizable to a native English speaker?

In the United States most native English speaking people would not recognize at least 90 percent of the languages spoken in the world because they are not exposed to those languages. Most could recognize Spanish, French and some of the European languages and Asian languages because they have heard t (MORE)

Why do non-native English speakers mix English with their native language?

I assume for the same reason native English speakers mix English with whatever language they're learning. This is just something people do. Once you get good enough to do so, you begin speaking a foreign language (in this case including English, if that is not your native tongue) conversationally - (MORE)

What percentage speak no English in the world?

English is the third most popular language in the world, after Mandarin and Spanish. English is spoken by 5.43 percent of the worlds population, so therefore 94.57 percent of the worlds population speak no English.

What percentage of the worlds population is agnostic?

A 2002 survey by Adherents.com, which estimates the proportion ofthe world's people who are "secular, non-religious, agnostics andatheists" at about 14% . The accuracy of the number is difficult toprove as many societies make non-religion essentially a criminalmatter (in Christian/Muslim countries). (MORE)

Which countries are native speakers of English?

English originated from England, so that would be the original native country. The main English-speaking countries are: . The United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Channel Isles, Gibraltar, Virgin Isles, Falklands, etc) . The United States . Australia . New Zealand . (MORE)

Where can one study spoken English with native speakers?

The UK, or any English speaking country would probably be a good place - this is not a joke. It is often said that immersing oneself in the culture and customs of a country is the best way to learn and study a language. If this is not possible, then almost any good university will likely offer a cou (MORE)

Why is it that many native English speakers can't write properly?

There could be many reasons for this. One reason could be that theyhaven't had the proper education to be able to construct theirsentences and convey information properly. Another reason could bebecause of the growing amount of slang and the use ofabbreviations. Many people think that use of this sl (MORE)

What is English for non native speakers?

"English for non-native speakers" would likely be a class orclasses for people whose first language is a language other thanEnglish. The class or classes would be tailored specifically forthe needs of people who speak other languages first.