What percentage of word population speaks englishs spanish and Portuguese?

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Portuguese, Spanish, and English are languages number eight, four, and three respectively in number of native speakers. Portugese has 175 native speakers. Spanish has 350-400 million native speakers. English has 500 million native speakers. So, total, they have 1.025 billion native speakers. Assuming a world population of 6.7 billion (20 million higher than an August 14th estimate.) So, together about 15.3% of the population have one of those three as a native language. And I think that it's worth mentioning that the Chinese dialects have more speakers than those three combined. So, if you master their script, and speak those three languages, you could communicate with 30%+ of the world (+ because have these as second languages with various levels of fluency, which is why they are not counted in those figures.)
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What percentage of the population of Brazil speak Spanish fluently?

Most people dont speak english. But it makes no sense Brazil was founded by Portugal, and as such has the national language of Portugese. What percentage speak Spanish is a hard thing to research for English speaking people. But there must be a strong percentage since almost every country that bo (MORE)

What percentage of the US population speaks spanish?

11.36% of the United States population speaks Spanish. This is based off of the fact that there are around 34, 547, 077 people who speak Spanish, and that the United States population is around 304, 059, 724.

What is the word 'speak' when translated from English to Spanish?

If you are saying 'I speak' it is hablo, and the infinitive, 'to speak', is hablar. Yes . . . Hablo is I speak, habla is he or she speaks, and hablar is the act of speaking, which is known as the infinitive form of the verb. hablar : to speak hablo : (i) speak hablas : (you) speak ha (MORE)

What is 'todas' when translated from Portuguese and Spanish to English?

"All" as an adjective and "everybody," "everyone," "everything" as a noun are English equivalents of the Portuguese and Spanish word todas . Context makes clear which meaning prevails. The respective pronunciations will be "TO-duhsh" in Cariocan and continental Portuguese and "TO-thas" in Spanish.

What percentage of world's population speak English?

It is estimated that almost 30% of humans can speak English (over two billion). English is the most spoken language on the planet, counting first, second, third, etc. language speakers. It is the official language of over 50 countries and it is a language of business and marketing world wide.

What percentage of Brazilians speaks English?

The percentage of Brazilians who speak English varies , by region. And within each region, the percentage varies by whether the population is located in bigger cities, smaller towns, or out in the countryside. For example, people are more likely to know English, and to know the language better, in (MORE)

What percentage of the Portuguese population is male?

The percentage of males to the total population of Portugal is just under 50% . And the percentage of females to the total population is just over 50%.. These figures are based on information that is calculated from population estimates of July 2005, and that is posted at the following site: http (MORE)

What percentage of Mexico speaks spanish?

92.7% speak Spanish and 5.7% speak Spanish AND some indigenous language (such as Nahuatl or Mayan). The rest speaks indigenous languages only, or another, unspecified language (such as Chinese or Korean).

Percentage of the world population speaks fluent English?

The estimated number of people in the world that speak Englishfluently is about 30 percent of the population. If the world'spopulation is about 7,264,712,400 people. This would mean thatroughly 2,179,413,720 people in the world currently speak Englishfluently.

What percentage of the world's population can speak English?

About 500,000,000 people speak English as a first language, so that would be around 7% of all humans speak English as a first language. As any other language but first, it is estimated that 2,100,000,000 humans speak English, or about 30%.

What is 'Congele' when translated from Portuguese and Spanish to English?

"Freeze!" and "(that) I (he, she, you) may freeze" are English equivalents of the Portuguese and Spanish word Congele . Context makes clear whether the present verb functions as the "you" ( usted in Spanish, você in Portuguese) singular person of the imperative (case 1) or the first, second, (MORE)

What countries speak Portuguese and Spanish?

There are lots of Spanish and Portuguese speakers. Although there are much, much more Spanish speakers than there are Portuguese. Since, Spain acquired much more territory than Portugal did. SPANISH: (Sometimes called Castilian in case of European Spanish) Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Venezuela, B (MORE)

What percentage of Russians speak English?

Mostly Russian population speak their native language. However;according to survey 2012, 5.48% of the population speak English.English is also taught in schools as a foreign language.

What percentage of Brazilians speaks Spanish?

The total population of Brazil is estimated at 196,342,592, according to 2008 figures. It also is estimated that no more than 1 million Brazilians speak Spanish. Therefore, the percentage of Brazilians that speaks Spanish is just one-half of 1% .

How do you speak English with a spanish accent?

Listen to people speaking English with a spanish accent, eg on films, tv, radio, music and always roll your R's and speeeek lyk dis For a Mexican Spanish accent, it seems the following pronunciation rules may apply: Y = J (yes = jes) J = Y for English words (Jump = Yump) J = H for Spanis (MORE)

What percentage of the world's population speaks Portuguese?

Portuguese consistently ranks as number six on the list of the ten most spoken languages in the world. The total of the world's population hovers around 6.77 billion, as of April 2009. But the estimates of total numbers of Portuguese speakers ranges from 176 million to 230 million. Based on the firs (MORE)

What percentage of Germans speak English?

99% of germans speak english Answer 2 Most Germans have learnt some English in school. I would guess about half of German adults would understand if you spoke simple English, probably about 1/4 of adults could answer back.

What percentage of the world's population does not speak English at all?

lets say that there are about 7 billion people in the world today, about 1 in 4 speak english, 3 out of 4 do not, so 75%. The figures quoted are for people who speak English as a first or second language gained through some sort of educational system. Unofficially there may be many more

Columbians speak English not Spanish?

This is a statement not a question. ummm im another person different that the one who put that rude diplomatic answer there... IF U WROTE THIS QUESTION U PROBABLY ARE FROM A PLACE WHERE YOUR FIRST LANGUAGE ISNT ENGLISH ... I AM TOO I LIVE IN HONDURAS AND I HAVE CLASSMATES THAT SPEAK LIKE THAT SO I (MORE)

What percentage of Mexico speaks English?

Less than 1.6% of the Mexican population speaks English on a fluentlevel. This is understandable, considering that only 2.8% of non-Hispanichomes speak Spanish in the United States.

Does Canada speaks spanish or English?

Quebec is the only truly bilingual province. They speak french and spanish. The rest of the provinces east speak what is called torontonian a local Ontario dialect. Farther east they speak Newfanese, a gailec type of English. To the west there is mostly first nations and farmer type hudderites. No o (MORE)

What percentage of people in Spain speak Spanish?

Virtually 100% of Spanish citizens speak, read, and write Spanish. It may not be their preferred language, and it may not be the language of daily life but they can use it and use it well. As many a 30% of the population may speak one of the 3 regional languages as well as Spanish. The following is (MORE)

Do spanish people speak English?

many Spanish people have learned to speak English, the same as English speaking people have learned to speak Spanish, this goes for almost any one who thinks it is great to learn different languages and it serves them well when travelling to different parts of the world.

Does Portuguese people speak english?

People living in Portugal speaks portuguese, but some people over there can speak english, like many people allover the world, in almost all nations.

What is 'a ti' when translated from Portuguese and Spanish to English?

"To you" is an English equivalent of the Portuguese and Spanish word a ti . The preposition and second person informal singular pronoun also translate literally into English as "at you." The pronunciation will be "a tchee" in Cariocan and continental Portuguese and "a tee" in Spanish.

What percentage of Chileans speak English?

Less than 2%, I have been living in Chile for the past 5 years and the amount of people that I have encountered can speak English here I can count on my 2 hands. For tourists that wish to visit Chile I would highly recommend taking organized tours because if you do not speak Spanish you will not be (MORE)