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No more than a third of your gross annual income should go towards housing. As for rent, you should not spent anymore than 25% of your gross income. Housing - This expense should include mortgage, insurance, gas, electricity, maintenance, and phone. (according to crown.org budget guide) Rent or your monthly mortgage payment plus each of the above should never exceed 36%. 1/3 is generally a good rule just as with the 1st answer, but don' t forget that the number includes the other housing expenses.
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What percentage of your income should you pay for rent?

To keep yourself financially stable, it is suggested that you keep your rent or mortgage payment 30% or less of your take-home pay.

What percentage of business income should go to rent?

Percentage of business income should not be used to decide rent.  Business needs and desires should be used to calculate rent. You  could be making hundreds of thousands of

How much of a salons total gross income is spent on rent?

You can look at rent two ways: percentage of business or a flat rate. If you are looking at a percent, rent should be less than 10% of a successful business. Any higher and