What phone number can you call for help on the XBox 360?

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Why did they call it the XBOX 360 and what is the purpose of '360'?

ho that's because they didnt whant it to call it Xbox 2!!! that's because they were competing against the ps3!!! so Microsoft didnt whant the people to be like should i buy a

How do you dial numbers on grand theft auto iv phone for the xbox 360?

Grand Theft Auto is available for the Xbox 360. More content is available for GTAIV for Xbox 360 users. For example, the two expansion packs that have been released for Grand

What number do you call for xbox 360 help?

There is not a telephone number that you can call for help withyour Xbox 360. You can go onto the online help and request a calland they will call you within 64 minutes.

Why do they call the Xbox an Xbox 360?

The Xbox and the Xbox 360 are two different models; the Xbox 360 is the advanced successor of the Xbox. It is called such because it provides 360 degrees of entertainment: gam

Xbox 360 Repair Help?

Be more specific repair on what but if its like RROD i suggesttaking it to a repair shop

Why do the call an Xbox 360 an Xbox 360?

The reason why you call an Xbox 360 an Xbox 360 is because themakers wanted gamers to know how different the Xbox system was. A360 degree turn is when you turn all the way aro