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What physical development delay do children with ADHD have?

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ADHD only affects the mind.
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Is ADHD a chemical or physical problem?

ADHD is basically a difference in the way the brain works. I would  not classify it as either chemical or physical, but possibly  mental.

How does ADHD affect children in school?

ADHD affects children at school, as they will not sit still, lose their focus when the teacher is talking, or cannot focus on their homework. Be cautious when talking with par

What medications are used to treat ADHD in children?

Adderral  Buspar  Catapres  Concerta  Cylert  Daytrana  Despiramine  Dexedrene  Dextrostat  Focalin  Metadate CD  Methylin  Prozac  Ritalin  Stratt

What foods should children with ADHD eat?

ADHD kids are sensitive to sugar, and will be bouncing off the walls for hours if they eat some candy on an empty stomach. You have probably also noticed other food sensitivit

Is it possible to develop ADHD later in life?

No; ADHD is a disorder that begins in early childhood due to underdevelopment in certain regions on the brain. If a person shows symptoms of ADHD later in life without any sym

What are the symptoms of ADHD in children?

The symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder in children are a lack of or very short attention span, irregular mood swings and short temper, constant need for atte

What are nine learning experiences that promote physical cognitive and creative development for children?

1. alway keep child active with fun learning games that hold their attention. 2. read to them and show them pictures and describe the picture to them. 3. always sing education

How do you discipline ODD ADHD children?

It needs to be very similar to normal children unless they have autism.   Educational perspective: All children need to know exactly what is expected before it is expecte

How many children have ADHD?

The frequency of occurence of ADHD can vary from country to  country. We may note that funnily, the instances of ADHD in  developed countries is higher than in under-develop

Is there a link between ADHD and enuresis in children?

I'm not a medical doctor just a wife and Mom. My husband and 9 year old son are both adhd but only my husband has both adhd and enuresis. Our nephew (husbands side) is 13 is

Is ADHD a physical reaction within the brain?

ADD is a chemical reaction in the brain. Believe it or not, an ADD brain shows LESS activity than a normal brain. The neurons in the brain are not active enough to properly c

Can high energy children be mistaken for ADHD?

ADHD should only be diagnosed by a professional. Frank Barnhill, M.D., author of Mistaken for ADHD, listed nearly 50 conditions in his book that can be mistaken for ADHD. Dr.

Physical appearance of ADHD?

There is no particular physical appearance that is associated with  ADHD. What is typically seen is certain behaviors, such as trouble  focusing and difficulty sitting still

Can a neurologist help children with ADHD?

ADHD is most commonly, due to an deficiency in dopaminergic  activity in the prefrontal cortex, which leads to more impulsivity,  difficulty staying still (inhibiting moveme