What place didn't get the black death?

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The largest area where the Black Death did not hit was parts of what are now Poland, Belarus, and the Ukraine. There was an area around Milan where the Black Death did not strike. It also did not get into the Pyrenees much.
I have read that there were a number of towns where the Black Death did not hit in other places, including a large walled town in England where the gates were closed and the drawbridge raised, with the town treating the situation as though they were under siege. Unfortunately I cannot cite a source on this, as it was a long time ago that I read it.

There is a link below to an animated map showing the spread of the Black Death in Europe.
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Where did the black death take place?

The Black Death, Bubonic Plague, originated in Asia and followed the trade routes westward. It reached Europe aboard trading vessels that touched in the near east along the Me

Why didn't the Black death affect Poland?

Due to the mostly isolated population in Poland and Lithuania. By isolated I do not mean cut off from society, but rather Poland was a mostly self sufficient area at the time

Where did the black death took place?

The Black Death , was one of the deadliest pandemics in human history, widely thought to have been caused by a bacterium named Yersinia pestis ( Plague ), [1] but re

What places did the black death effect?

The Black Death, which ravaged Europe from 1347 to 1352, started in central Asia. It caused widespread death and suffering in India and Persia before it reached Europe. It spr

What place did black death end?

In literal terms, it did not - there are always cases somewhere in the worls and small epidemics appear from time to time scattered across the worls, usually in rural Asia.

What happened to the people who didn't catch the black death?

They died of starvation, other diseases, or old age. People didn't live long back then, and the sudden decrease in population did little to improve the average life-span. ~~~

What places were affected in black death?

The Black Death affected many countries. But it mainly affected Europe and Asia. But that doesn't mean it didn't effect other countries. Practically, it hit most of the coun

What were the cures for the black death that didn't work?

well, some of the techneques used were quite mad, like bleeding thepatient, washing in urine, smear human poo all over, place livechicken on buboes, leeches, religion... etc.

Why doctors didn't know the cause of the black death?

Because at the time of the Black Death in Europe, the concept of disease causing organisms was still several centuries in the future. "Doctors" in the middle ages relied heavi

Where was the last place the black death struck?

The Black Death was an outbreak of bubonic plague that started in Asia, reached Europe in 1437, and continued spreading through Europe until 1451. The last areas it spread int