What planet is NASA planing to go to?

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they want to visit mars
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What is NASA?

NASA stands for: National Aeronautics and Space Administration They are the agency of the United States of America responsible for nonmilitary programs in the exploration and scientific study of space.

What does NASA do?

NASA is the US "National Aeronautics and Space Administration", the US government's civilian space agency.. NASA was responsible for early rocket testing and the first US manned missions, culminating in the exploration of the Moon in the 1960's and 1970's. The agency created the first US space stat (MORE)

Did NASA go to the moon?

Yes, of course they did. It has been completely proven. Some people just haven't gotten the word. Check Wikipedia under "third party evidence of Apollo".

Name of plane the planets orbit?

The plane that contains the orbits of the Earth is called the "ecliptic." The planets aren't all exactly in a plane, they are typically a couple degrees above or below the ecliptic.

Is there any NASA info on the exsistance of planet x?

There is no evidence, NASA or otherwise, to suggest there is a Planet X. It is just another hoax by the media, to sell papers or books or whatever. Believe it or not, they once panicked people by claiming that the planets were going to line up and cause massive quakes. In actual fact, the "line up" (MORE)

Tell you what i have to do to go in NASA?

A great number of people work for NASA. Engineers, scientists, mathematicians, accountants, secretaries, and janitors all play essential roles in getting the Space Shuttle into space. If you would like to work for NASA, you have a good chance if you study lots of math and science in school, and g (MORE)

Was it true that NASA discovered planets where life exists?

No. NASA is not in the planet discovering business. That is done by others. NASA does send up stuff like the Hubble etc. but I think it is JPL that actually runs it. Oh, and there has never been anything to suggest that life has been discovered out there, by *anyone*.

Did NASA discover planet x?

No, and no one else has, either. The Mayan's "Millennium" will be just as big a wet firecracker as our own Y2K. This is just another media hoax to sell books and papers and such, just like the Great Planetary Alignment that was supposed to destroy the Earth with earthquakes, some years back. Some "C (MORE)

Date when nasa is going to Mars?

NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin has stated that we must accomplish at least four objectives before we are prepared for a Mars mission. We must successfully build and operate the planned International Space Station, gain working-level experience with other nations in space cooperation, develop an af (MORE)

How long did it take for NASA to go to the moon?

back in 1961 president John F. Kennedy made a comitment of going to the moon. then in 1969 NASA acomplished that goal. so if you do the math it only took them about 8 yars, with 5 months to spare.

When is NASA going to Mars?

NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin has stated that we must accomplish at least four objectives before we are prepared for a Mars mission. We must successfully build and operate the planned International Space Station, gain working-level experience with other nations in space cooperation, develop an af (MORE)

When is Nasa going to the moon?

NASA is planing to send 4 astronauts vabck to the moon in 2018. NASA has already begane sending orbiters to the moon. the first one was called LRO. its going to be there until sometime in october. its plane is to crash into the luner surface. the date this is going to happen i have no clue. well the (MORE)

How many times NASA go to moon?

There were 17 Apollo missions altogether, although not all of these went to the moon. Many were simply test missions, some unmanned, and some in earth orbit only.. Of the missions that went to the moon, Apollo 8 was the first mission to reach the moon, orbit it and return, followed by the next miss (MORE)

What planet has an orbital plane that is not parallel to that of the other planets?

No two of them are exactly in the same plane, but they're close. The one that's inclined the most with respect to all the others is, as you might guess, Pluto. Here are the inclinations of the planetary orbits, with respect to the plane of Earth's orbit: Mercury . . . 7.0 degrees Venus. . . . . 3. (MORE)

Why didnt nasa go back to the moon?

Nixon defunded NASA as quickly as he could, as Apollo was started by a Democrat, JFK, and so every Apollo success was an "advertisement" for the Democrats.

Why do planets orbit in the same plane?

We believe that all the planets orbit in similar planes (they aren't exactly the same, but they're all pretty close) because this was the way the pre-planetary nebula was rotating before it collapsed to form our solar system. All the planets orbit in the same direction that the Sun spins. All the (MORE)

What is nasa going to use when they retire the shuttle?

NASA is working on the development of the Orion Spacecraft which will be the vehicle for the next phase in space exploration. The Orion will be able to travel to the moon and land, which is something the space shuttles were not capable of doing. Orion missions are planned for the Moon and Mars, and (MORE)

Why are NASA jobs going to Muslim countries?

They aren't - NASA is a U.S. Federal Agency, and as such only employs U.S. Government employees. NASA is an administrative agency only - most of the actual operation and work done at its centers is done by Aerospace contractors, and while there are specific requirements for passing background che (MORE)

What planet lies in its orbit plane?

All planets lie in the plane of their orbit, but most spin on an that is nearly (many have tilted axes of spin) perpendicular to that plane. The one exception is the planet Uranus which has its axis of spin lying very close to its orbital plane.

What planet did NASA visit first?

nasa technically didn't visit any planets yet, but it has visited the moon (and was the first to send people to the moon), and it has also done many missions into lower earth orbit.

Who does NASA answer to?

Congress determines what NASA will do based on the budget provided each year. The agency also reports to the President of the United States by way of the Office of Science and Technology Policy in the Executive Office of the President.

Why does NASA go to space?

To study how the universe works, and to possibly travel to another planet should something happen to Earth. Also, to search for life in space, and to develop new tools and processes to use on Earth. NASA is also generally seeking knowledge about Man's place in the universe.

How is NASA going to affect people's lifes?

The overall goal of NASA is to explore and observe anything relating to planets, suns and stars, and such. Most think NASA's job is to explore space, this is true, but NASA also happens to do some fieldwork here on Earth, to get ideas of what things are like on other planets and so on. Without NASA (MORE)

Did NASA go to Pluto?

NASA has a spacecraft on it's way to photograph Pluto and other things in the trans-Neptunian region right now - estimated time of arrival is early-mid 2015.

Why did NASA go into space?

To research, explore and develop knowledge about space. To learn about the universe, solar system and earth and to establish a permenant human presence in space. Also in response to the launch of the Soviets spacecraft Sputnik.

Is NASA going to orbit the sun?

You see, as it turns out the whole planet of earth is orbiting the sun, not just NASA. We have been effectively orbiting the sun since it has existed. So to answer your question, yes, NASA will be orbiting the sun, has orbited the sun, and is currently orbiting it.

How many planets has nasa been to unmaned?

Mercury (only orbit) Venus (no rover & return) Mars (no return) Jupiter (no return) Saturn (no return) Uranus (no landing, orbit & return) Neptune (no landing, orbit & return)

How fast does the NASA rocket go?

according to Armageddon the space craft travel at a max speed of 25,000 mph. hope this helps It mostly depends on where you want to go. In earth orbit rockets travel 17,500 mph. If you wanted to go to the moon, you would need to go 25,000 mph to escape the earth's gravity.

How many planets does your galaxy have according to NASA estimations?

NASA's estimates of how many planets are in the galaxy are probably horribly low. But based on the recent discoveries by the Kepler space telescope, it's likely that many, perhaps even most, star systems have one or more planets. Since there are somewhere between 500 billion and a trillion stars in (MORE)

Why is NASA searching for earth like planets?

So we can inhabit them and do the same thing all over again that we did to the earth. Or hopefully they will attempt to correct the wrong this time around. It won't happen anyways they are just looking as opposed to doing nothing.

What will Obama going to do about Nasa exploration?

Contrary to internet myths, the president is not shutting down NASA. He did, however, need the agency to make some budget cuts and to re-focus its mission. It was decided to concentrate on exploration of Mars, rather than on making another trip to the moon. Currently, NASA is involved with the Mars (MORE)