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What plants did a brontosaurus eat?

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A brontosaurus ate tree leaves and grass. A brontosaurus ate tree leaves and grass. Brontosauras ate anything from cycads to palm leaves.
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Is Brontosaurus A Fake?

Yes and no. A guy took the skeleton of a Apatosaurus and unknowingly put the head of a Camarasaurus on it. He called it brontosaurus. It was many years later before someone ca

How tall is a brontosaurus?

about 70 feet it is ranged from 60-90, but the average is 70

What period was the Brontosaurus from?

  The Brontosaurus / Apatosaurus lived during the late Jurassic Period, about 157-146 million years ago

How big is a brontosaurus?

Apatosaurus is the actual name and it was 40 feet tall,90 feet long and in terms of weight 35 to 50 tons

Did T-Rex dinosaurs eat Brontosaurus Dinosaurs?

NO!! T-rex was the king of dinosaurs. It lived 70 to 65 mya (million years ago). Brontosaurus, another names for this dinosaur is Apatosaurus. Live 160 to 150 mya SO apato

What is a brontosaurus?

  A Brontosaurus is...   Brontosaurus is a species of a large giant-sized reptile, an extinct reptilian herbivore (plant-eating) animal from the Jurassic period. Bron

Where did a brontosaurus live?

In The Jurrassic forests!!! In The Jurrassic forests!!! In The Jurrassic forests!!!   IN THE JURASSIC FOREST IN THE JURASSIC FOREST

How long was the brontosaurus?

There was no dinosaur named Brontosaurus. The name Brontosaurus was given when fossils from 2 different Sauropod dinosaurs, bones from an Apatosaurus and the skull of Camaras

What did a brontosaurus eat?

The brontosaurus was a herbivore, living on plants only. It was  not a meat eater.   Based on the structure of its teeth, it probably browsed on leaves.    Note: a

What was the Brontosaurus diet?

Brontosaurus is an invalid name for Apatosaurus excelsus. Because paleontologists don't know how high Apatosaurus held its head, they don't know what plants it would have most

Is brontosaurus is a autotroph?

An autotroph is an organism that creates its own food using an energy source, such as sunlight. Plants and algae are the most important autotrophs. However, like all animals,