What power rangers come after Wild Force?

What power rangers come after Wild Force?
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What Power Rangers returned in Power Rangers Wild Force?

The Power Rangers that returned during Power Rangers Wild Force would be Eric otherwise known as the Quantum Ranger, Trip otherwise known as the Green Time Force Ranger, Jen o (MORE)

When is a Power Rangers DVD coming out?

The Power Rangers DVDs' release dates would include the Time Life-exclusive 40-disc Mighty Morphin Power Rangers through and including Power Rangers Lost Galaxy which will be (MORE)

Is Deker from Power Rangers Samurai the same actor that played Cole Evans in Power Rangers Wild Force?

Yes, Ricky Medina, the actor that plays Deker in "Samurai" is the same actor that played Cole Evans, the Red Lion Ranger in "Power Rangers Wild Force."
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It is not just your imagination. The Power Rangers have gone through many changes since they debuted in 1993, and the ones from the 2014 season look nothing like the originals (MORE)

The Evolution of the Power Rangers (1993-2014)

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The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Where Are They Now?

Austin St. John played the first Red Ranger, Jason Lee Scott. St. John reprised the character in "Power Rangers: Zeo" and became the Gold Zeo Ranger. In 1999, he app (MORE)
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Was Tristan wilds a power ranger?

Sadly No, Tristan Wilds has not been cast a power ranger in the past seasons. However, there is always a chance for the future. I personally think He would make a fine Red R (MORE)

When is power rangers samurai coming out?

Hear is a clue to when Power Rangers Samurai will start (If the rumors and my calculations are correct). I am writing this on December 23, 2010. www.Power Rangers.com says tha (MORE)

Who are power rangers time force?

Power Rangers Time Force is a team of Rangers that was in charge of  protecting Silver Hills in 2001 and was also in charge of capturing  Ransik so that they could bring him (MORE)

What are the names of the zords in Power Rangers Wild Force?

The zords during Power Rangers Wild Force, their individual names were White Tiger, Black Bison, Blue Shark, Yellow Eagle and Red Lion. Merrick's zords were Wolf, Hammerhead a (MORE)