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What president's Secret Service nickname was Rawhide?

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Ronald Reagon
Rawhide was the 'not so secret' code name for Ronald Ragan. Here is a list; including the current presidents code name, which you might find useful:
  • Renegade: Barack Obama, President-elect
  • Renaissance: Michelle Obama, president-elect's wife
  • Radiance: Malia Obama, president-elect's daughter
  • Rosebud: Sasha Obama, president-elect's daughter
  • Trailblazer: George W Bush, President
  • Tempo: Laura Bush, First Lady
  • Rawhide: Ronald Reagan, ex-President
  • Smurfette: Kareena Gore, ex-vice-president's daughter
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What President's daughters were assigned the Secret Service code names Velvet and Venus?

\n. \n Secret Service \n. \nThose codenames were used during the Johnson administration. Their names were as follows,\n. \n . Lyndon Johnson, Volunteer\n . Lady Bird

How long does secret service protection for former president's families last?

President Clinton is the last president to have lifetime protection  from the secret service. Every president after him will only have  secret service protection to 10 years

Why does the secret service discourage the president's use of public transportation?

It is incredibly hard to make sure that public transportation is secure, especially if the President decides that he wants to do use the subway or some other type of public tr

What is Michelle obamas nickname by secret service?

Media sources have reported her secret service nickname is "Renaissance." She is also sometimes referred to as "FLOTUS" (First Lady of the United States).