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John Tyler, was the president who had the most children-- 15.
8 children with first wife Letitia Tyler and 7 children with 2nd wife, Julia Gardiner"

The childrens names:
  1. Mary born April 15, 1815/died June 17, 1848.
  2. Robert Tyler born September 9, 1816/died December 3, 1877. Shy and awkward he ended up becoming a powerful lawyer and politician. He was a supporter of President James Buchanan. He served as registrar for the Confederate treasury during the Civil War. Robert Tyler refused to go through life using his Presidential father to get him positions in any capacity in business. He was well respected and in later years he became the Alabama Democratic State Chairman and editor of the Montgomery Advisor.
  3. John Tyler, Jr. born April 27, 1819/died January 26, 1896. He was famous for defending his father in a much-publicized duel with a Richmond newspaper. He was a writer, lawyer and politician and did not master any three of these positions..
  4. Letitia (Letty) Tyler Semple born May 11, 1821/died December 28, 1907. She stepped in as substitute mother for her siblings when her mother suffered a stroke and it ended when the 54 year old President married 24 year old Julia Gardiner. The rivalry between the two women, first daughter and First Lady became a lifelong battle.
  5. Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Tyler Waller was born July 11, 1823/died June 1, 1850.
  6. Anne Contesse Tyler was born April, 1825/died July, 1825, cause of death unknown.
  7. Alice Tyler Denison was born March 23, 1847/died June 8, 1854 of colic at the age of 27.
  8. Tazewell Tyler born December 6, 1830/died of alcoholism in January 8, 1874 and the youngest of 8 children became a physician and served during the Civil War.
  9. David Gardiner 'Gardie' Tyler born July 12, 1846/died September 6, 1927. He was the first born of Tyler's second wife, Julia. He left Washington College at 16 years old to serve in the Confederate Army and after the Civil war he worked as a lawyer and in a number of elected offices (U.S. Congress.)
  10. John Alexander 'Alex' Tyler born April 7, 1848/died of dysentery after drinking contaminated water in New Mexico in 1883 in September 1, 1883. He ran away from home at the age of 14 and enlisted in the Confederate Army and was rejected as too young. He later joined the Confederate Navy. He eventually enlisted in the German Army at the beginning of the Franco-Prussian War in 1870. He worked an an Engineer/Surveyor in America's West.
  11. Julia Tyler Spencer born December 25, 1849/died May 8, 1871.
  12. Lachlan Tyler born December 2, 1851/died January 25, 1902. He trained as a physician and for years tried to use his credentials as a president's son to open doors, but was unsuccessful. On his own merits he got a position as surgeon in the U.S,. Navy and later had success in private practice.
  13. Lyon Gardiner Tyler born August, 1852/died February 12, 1935 practiced law, but spent most of his life as an educator and was an author and respected historian. He served as president of William and Mary for 31 years.
  14. Robert Fitzwalter Tyler born March 12, 1856/died December 30, 1927. He attended Georgetown College but due to lack of funds became a farmer.
  15. Pearl Tyler Ellis born June 20, 1860/died June 30, 1947. She graduated from Sacred Heart in Washington, B.C and once married to William Mumford Ellis lived most of her life near Roanoke.

John Tyler, the 10th president, had a total of 14 children during his two marriages.
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