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What preventative measures can be taken to prevent cancer?

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There are many things you can do to try to prevent cancer. Eating the best foods, healthy foods, exercising and taking vitamins are just a few ways you can do this.
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What are the measures taken to prevent water pollution?

River pollution is a result of a complex combination of processes that reduce overall river water quality.   * Acid rain,  * Industrial pollution  * Agricultural po

What software measures can be taken to prevent hackers?

AVG anti-viruses is a very good program that protects you from hackers and viruses. Also zonealarm is very a good program it is a firewall and a anti-viruses program.   

What are the measures taken to prevent air pollution?

Some measures taken to prevent air pollution are the regulating of  businesses that dispel chemicals into the air. Some states also  require automobiles to pass an air exhau

What are the measures taken to prevent ozone depletion?

The measures taken to prevent ozone depletion are:    Plant more trees  Reduce use of CFC containing products like deodorants, spray  cans etc.  

What measures taken to prevent noise pollution?

Some things to help to minimize noise pollution are...   *Get a muffler for outdoor equipment (lawn mower, leaf blower, car, chainsaw, ect.)   *Rake leaves by hand, don'

Measures taken to prevent land degradation?

Erosion, deforestation, and waterlogging are all accelerated by  human actions and all lead to general land degradation.  Conservation efforts to prevent land degradation in

Measures taken by you to prevent Swine Flu?

Honestly, the "swine flu" is just a normal flu that has been hyped up by the media. Just take normal flu precautions. Wash your hand regularly, don't share food/drinks with

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At birth clean colostrum is given to a calf ASAP. This prevents calfhood diseases, improves growth rates, and improves the calf's output when at a mature age. Other measures

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All patients recovering from illness or surgery or confined to a bed or wheelchair long-term should be inspected regularly; they should be bathed or should shower every day us