What product is Jerez Spain known for?

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It is best known for its wine and there is a motorcycle Grand Prix race there.
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What is Spain known for?

Spain is a country in Europe between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It is known for good food, good museums, historical sites, great tourism, great beaches, and

Spain known for what?

People intentionally standing between 1,200 kilo bulls and freedom. Overconfidence in the face of severe marine weather. The most recent discovery of the Caribbean Islan

What part of Spain is known as moorish Spain?

The Moors controlled a large part of the Iberian Peninsula beginning in 711 until they were expelled in 1492 by King Fernando and Isabel. The Moors' last possession was the Al
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What is the region of Jerez in Spain famous for?

Jerez is most famous as the home of a famous fortified wine call sherry. Spanish horses are from there and a type of wine. In Jerez de la Frontera there is a equestrian s
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What palace in Spain is known for its tessellations?

The Alhambra Palace in Granada is know for it's tessellations. The last versions of the Alhambra were built by the Moors who are followers of Islam. Islam eschews the reproduc
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What positive things are Spain known for?

Spain is known for its food (such as paella, tapas, and cured meat), its generally warm to tropical climate, and its beautiful coasts and beaches. It is also known for its cha