What products are made by the firm Okkatots?

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Okkatots is a Utah Based company who make products for babies and toddlers. They offer products like diaper bags, Baby carriers as well as accessories like Soother pouches and change mats.
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firm n. 1. A commercial partnership of two or more persons, especially when unincorporated. 2. The name or designation under which a company transacts business. . 3. Any business, sole proprietorship partnership or a corporation. . Source: http://www.answers.com/firm?gwp=11&ver= (MORE)

How can a firm make a luxurious package for its products?

The firm can contact a packaging and design company such as Deal Design Group. A branding and graphic design agency with a team of problem solvers. They cane be found at http://www.dealdesigngroup.com/?gclid=CIDI-b7w7pECFRQ9IgodSTNyog

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How can APPLE firms customize their products?

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Why it might be desirable for a firm to have higher added-value products?

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What are the best packaging design firms for retail products?

TheODMGroup.com is the best firm which creates high qualitypromotional products, gifts and merchandise for global markets.provide high quality custom and personalised marketing products toour corporate clients.They visit factories to make sure yourproduct requirements are aligned with what is happen (MORE)