What program do you add the pictures do i send to my doc?

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How do you send pictures on gaia?

You can send images pretty easily. Yry looking on the tools on the top of the type bar, and I havnt been on in a while, but try the code [ IMG ] [ /IMG ] but without spaces

How do you send pictures to your email?

If you're sending it from your phone all you need to do is when you're sending the text with the picture in it then just use your e-mail address instead of a number. If you're sending it from your computer to your e-mail (for some odd reason) then just add the picture as an attachment.

What picture can you send for a resume?

It is very much recommended that you DO NOT attach a picture to your resume. If you do that, you are leading the employer to evaluate you based on your looks, and they could discriminate. Every company has different qualities they look for in a candidate, and even if you are attractive, you could (MORE)

How do you send a picture from your phone to MySpace?

if you have internet on your cell phone go on that then go on myspace go to pics when you get there then click upload pics and it will give you a few numbers and a email and you will send the pics to that email and then log back on myspace go to pics and it will be in the album my "mobil pics"

How you can send picture from computer to iPod?

iTunes is capable of syncing photos to your iPod. Plug your iPod into the computer that you sync with, go to the device in iTunes, and there should be a Photos tab. Tell it to sync a particular folder, navigate to the photo you want, and copy it across. Note: If you sync your iPod automatically w (MORE)

How do you send pictures from an iPhone?

Go to Texts and choose the contact. Then, click the camera icon to the left of the text box and choose either 'Take a picture' or 'Choose from existing' then proceed to send the way you would send a text.

How can you send a picture?

You can send a picture by e-mail, which involves having that picture already saved as a file and attaching the picture by pressing the "attach file" button.

How do you convert a doc with a picture into PDF?

In Office 2010 and Office 2007, you can save office files as PDF directly. Please follow the steps on below webpages. In Office 2003 or earlier, you need an Office to PDF Converter, cause you can't save as pdf directly. You need to try the FREE Office to PDF converter below.

How do you send pictures to the gorillaz?

You can't really send picture to them unless they are holding a competition at the time. When they do hold a competition they usually have instruction telling you how to do so. Otherwise there is no known way to send a picture to the members.

How do you send pictures to a model scout?

Model scouts approach potential talent on the street, face-to-face so you cannot send the scouts your photos. If you are not discovered by a model scout while out and about in your city, then you will need to submit your photos to the actual modeling agency's office. You can send photos via snail ma (MORE)

How do you send pictures to a friend on yahoo?

On yahoo mail just send by a attachment on email. On Yahoo IM open up a IM window and cliick the pictures icon at the top right. Then click and drag your pictures to the Picture box.

How do you get your girlfriend to send you a dirty picture?

Tell them You love them, and send them a pic but it may depend on the girl. this is really wrong tho, but just send her naked pics of u first, and dont exchange the pics for anything but later in time u star asking for pics n u remind her about the pics that u send her n stuff, n then she will feel (MORE)

Can you save programs to Google Docs too?

You may be able to save the code written for the program, if you have access to it. You cannot save the compiled, operational version of any program on Google Docs. Depending on the type of document you're working with, you may be able to insert a link, which you could use as a route or path to a (MORE)

Is it illegal to send bikini pictures?

Probably not. However, laws vary, and it might be illegal in some jurisdictions. You'll find that the more specific your question is, the better the answer you get is.

What is the program for doc?

Both .doc and .docx formats are native to Microsoft Word, howeverthey can be read and modified by a number of compatible wordprocessing programs. These programs include Google Docs, KingsoftWriter, Openoffice Writer and Libreoffice Writer. Keep in mind, however, that documents written with Microsof (MORE)

How do you send pictures from computer to computer?

Email, the person you want to send it to and add an attachment by clicking a paper clip icon. Then just double-click the picture you want to send. And lastly, just send the email and you're done! :3 Or just use flickr! :D

How do you send pictures with a text message?

Most phones you can click 'OK' when you take the picture. Otherwise, click options when you open the picture, and then send via text message. However some pictures (i.e. downloaded ones) will have a lock on them which does not enable you to send them

How do you send a Mac doc to a PC?

A document created on a Mac Personal Computer (PC) can be sent to any other brand of PC by numerous means; such as passing it over a wireless network, attaching it to an email, saving it to a disc or Flash drive and transferring the disc or drive to the other computer. The actual solution would depe (MORE)

How do you send a picture from google to a folder?

If you want to save a picture you have found using your web browser and the Google search engine you can do as follows (on a Windows computer and other operating systems are quite similar) . Locate the picture . Place your pointer on the picture . Right click . In the context menu that pops up (MORE)

How do you add a printer on Google Docs?

When you add a printer to your publishing 'toolkit', regardless of the software you're using, you add it as hardware, not as software. Google docs receives its information about your printer from the operating system feature in charge of the list of devices you have added to your computer's 'toolk (MORE)

How do you add text box on Google Docs?

There is a Comment feature available under Insert. You cannot (yet) put a box with text in a googledoc unless it is made as a drawing. . (Menu: select Insert > Drawing use the Text tool [T] draw a rectangle inside of which you write and format your text. Note that will commit your text and yo (MORE)

Why will my iPhone not send pictures?

You will need to check your setting for email and SMS. Ask your network provider to send you the settings. If that fails take your handset to an Apple store for further help.

How do you send pictures from your phone to Facebook?

You can connect your camera to your computer or an SD card. You can also upload a photo through your phone or iPod. On the iPhone/iPod click on the Photo option next to Status to take or upload; you also attach a photo when updating a status.

How do you send a doc that is not on your computeras an email?

Copy the document from its location to a pen-drive. Insert the pen-drive into a vacant USB socket on your computer. Write your email. Attach the file to the email. Click 'send' This will send your email and the document together to the recipient.

How do you send pictures from your pics to desktop?

It depends on the type of device you used to take the pictures. Most all devices now use a USB cord to connect from the device to the computer, where you can transfer the pics you took on your phone or camera.

How do you add a picture to a craigs list add?

Adding a picture to Craigslist can be simple as there are linkstowards the bottom of the screen. Simply place your ad, and thenfollow the instructions and you should be ready to go in no time.