What program do you add the pictures do i send to my doc?

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How can you send a picture?

You can send a picture by e-mail, which involves having that picture already saved as a file and attaching the picture by pressing the "attach file" button.

How do you convert a doc with a picture into PDF?

In Office 2010 and Office 2007, you can save office files as PDF directly. Please follow the steps on below webpages. In Office 2003 or earlier, you need an Office to PDF Co

What is the program for doc?

Both .doc and .docx formats are native to Microsoft Word, howeverthey can be read and modified by a number of compatible wordprocessing programs. These programs include Google

How do you send a Mac doc to a PC?

A document created on a Mac Personal Computer (PC) can be sent to any other brand of PC by numerous means; such as passing it over a wireless network, attaching it to an email

How do you add a printer on Google Docs?

When you add a printer to your publishing 'toolkit', regardless of the software you're using, you add it as hardware, not as software. Google docs receives its information a
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How do you add text box on Google Docs?

There is a Comment feature available under Insert. You cannot (yet) put a box with text in a googledoc unless it is made as a drawing. . (Menu: select Insert > Drawing use
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How do you send a doc that is not on your computeras an email?

Copy the document from its location to a pen-drive. Insert the pen-drive into a vacant USB socket on your computer. Write your email. Attach the file to the email. Cl