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Become Politically Savvy, Win iPad Air!

Answers CEO David Karandish talks about the importance of the upcoming midterm elections.

Every day from October 15th until the election you can take a quiz to learn about the issues and be entered to win an iPad!


It looks like you're having fun in your music videos. What's your end-goal when recording them?

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What is the difference between WikiAnswers and Answers. com? is a popular place to find answers on anything. Within, there are two parts: WikiAnswers and ReferenceAnswers. WikiAnswers is a platform for wiki Q&am (MORE)

What are the differences between WikiAnswers and Yahoo Answers?

WikiAnswers and Yahoo! AnswersTechnically, the key difference is that this is a wiki where questions and answers can be improved over time. The community does more than just a (MORE)

Is WikiAnswers good for looking up answers?

In my opinion - yes. Once you post a question - it's available to be seen by millions of people. The chances of getting a brilliant response are extremely likely. The majority (MORE)

Can you earn money by answering questions on WikiAnswers?

Earning Satisfaction No, you can't earn money. What you can earn, though, is the feeling of satisfaction by giving good answers, and thereby helping those who're asking the qu (MORE)
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What Do Girls Want? Dating Tips for Teen Boys

What do girls want? If you are a teenage boy, you probably ask yourself this question frequently. However, the answer to this question is not as complicated as you think. Girl (MORE)
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Feeding Mallard Ducks: Dos and Don'ts

For many bird lovers, their first experiences with feeding them includes trips to feed the ducks at a local park or pond. Whether you are looking to enjoy feeding mallards in (MORE)

Why can't your paper money evaluation question be answered on WikiAnswers?

There are several criteria that are required to give an evaluation of a bill (banknote): The denomination, the country of origin, the year of printing, and the condition are (MORE)

Who is it that answers these questions?

Everybody can. Everybody answers these questions, sometimes with  opinion, sometimes with fact. But everybody (especially the users  with accounts) can provide answers to th (MORE)