What questions do not have enough information to be answered on WikiAnswers?

Who answers all these questions on WikiAnswers?

Everyone! Anyone can share their knowledge or ask questions on WikiAnswers. That's what makes it a WIKI. If you know the answer to an unanswered question, you can share it. If (MORE)

Does WikiAnswers give bad answers?

Sadly, yes. However we do not intentionally allow bad answers to be submitted. We have a large team called the Vandal Patrol, who remove these answers and stop the offenders f (MORE)

Why can't your paper money evaluation question be answered on WikiAnswers?

There are several criteria that are required to give an evaluation of a bill (banknote): The denomination, the country of origin, the year of printing, and the condition are (MORE)
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Can you earn money by answering questions on WikiAnswers?

Earning Satisfaction No, you can't earn money. What you can earn, though, is the feeling of satisfaction by giving good answers, and thereby helping those who're asking the qu (MORE)

What is the meaning of a 'protected question' on WikiAnswers?

A 'protected question' is a question that you temporarily cannot answer or edit. There are two reasons a question is protected on WikiAnswers: 1. The question is a catch-all (MORE)

Is it acceptable to answer your own question on WikiAnswers?

Answering Your Own Questions Absolutely. You may answer your own questions (as long as the questions abide by the Community Guidelines). You can help build the knowledge base (MORE)

How many questions a day must you answer for all Wikianswers questions to be answered by the end of 2011?

Well, at this point, you would have to travel back in time. Once you have that down, then I don't think it really matters how many a day... just keep going back over and over (MORE)