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Who answers these questions?

Anyone who signs on to WikiAnswers can post or edit any answer. Generally, however, questions are answered by those users that feel comfortable with the subject matter. Ans (MORE)

Who answers all these questions on WikiAnswers?

Everyone! Anyone can share their knowledge or ask questions on WikiAnswers. That's what makes it a WIKI. If you know the answer to an unanswered question, you can share it. If (MORE)

Does WikiAnswers give bad answers?

Sadly, yes. However we do not intentionally allow bad answers to be submitted. We have a large team called the Vandal Patrol, who remove these answers and stop the offenders f (MORE)

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What questions are unsuitable for WikiAnswers?

We know "unsuitable" can be a bit vague, so if you're wondering what Answers' standards are, we're here to explain! What is considered "unsuitable" subject matter on Answers? (MORE)

Preparing for Interview Questions

Securing an interview requires a concerted effort to ensure that your resume and cover letter appear at the top of the pile. Ensuring that your campaign is successful and that (MORE)

Answers to Chemistry Questions

Chemistry is an interesting subject that deals with the science of matter at the atomic and molecular state. Chemistry deals with understanding the properties and interactions (MORE)

Common Interview Questions and Answers Regarding Your Unemployment

Being unemployed for more than a few months can damage your resume. Prospective employers may question your ability to jump back into the workforce. Ready yourself by understa (MORE)
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Basic Networking Questions and Answers

If you have no experience hooking a series of computing devices together, it is quite normal to have questions. Basic networking questions and answers address the simple probl (MORE)

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What is the meaning of a 'protected question' on WikiAnswers?

A 'protected question' is a question that you temporarily cannot answer or edit. There are two reasons a question is protected on WikiAnswers: 1. The question is a catch-a (MORE)

Does WikiAnswers have the right to answer the questions you ask?

WikiAnswers is rather accurate most of the time, but this accuracy  is of course a a bit lower due to the fact that anyone can ask or  answer a question. But, most of the co (MORE)

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Is it acceptable to answer your own question on WikiAnswers?

Answering Your Own Questions Absolutely. You may answer your own questions (as long as the questions abide by the Community Guidelines). You can help build the knowledge base (MORE)

How many questions a day must you answer for all Wikianswers questions to be answered by the end of 2011?

Well, at this point, you would have to travel back in time. Once you have that down, then I don't think it really matters how many a day... just keep going back over and over (MORE)