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What race is put on birth certificate of biracial baby?

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The descriptor of "Race" has NOT been placed
on MOST Birth Certificates (at least NOT in the
United States) since the mid to late 1960's.

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How do you determine a biracial persons race?

You look at their name and research it. For example take Barack Hussein Obama. Obviously he is part Islamic and therefore black. And you can look at their hair and skin.

If a baby has a biracial father and the mother is white then what race is the child?

The reason the child would not be white is because of the father's genes which are black and white.The father is also African American sense he would be 1/2 black. The child w

Where you get baby birth certificate?

From a governmental agency, most likely a division of the Department of Health. In the US, birth certificates are kept at the state level and not the federal level, so you sho

Where do you put baby bunnies after birth?

If they are still with their mother you put them in a box filled with hay that has a lid and a hole in the front so the mother can get in and out. If they don't have a mother
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Should I put the babies father's last name on birth certificate?

No, you should not but the baby's father's last name on the birth certificate. Also, it is better to put your last name anyways because of legal matters, social relations, and
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Can a hospital use a birth certificate as proof of identity to put father on babys birth certificate?

No they can't. A birth certificate is not proof of identity unless accompanied by an official ID issued by the state or federal government, such as a drivers license, state id

What is the race of the father on his child's birth certificate if the father is biracial Black and white but more white and the mother of the child is Indian?

If the term Indian means Native American and the mother has arecognized Indian number it would be advantageous to the child todesignate him/her as a Native American since the