What rank in the navy is equivalent to the rank of colonel in the air force?

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Colonel is O6 in the USAF, USA, and USMC. In the Navy, 06 is Captain.
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Is a Major in the Air Force a higher rank than a Lt. Colonel?

no Lt. Colonel is higher Air Force Ranks: 2nd Lt, 1st Lt, Capt, Major, Lt Col, Col, Brig.Gen., Lt. Gen., Maj. Gen., General, then General of the air force (which is like a 5 s

What is the rank of Chinese navy and air force in the world?

The Chinese (Red Chinese) Air Force is considered the 3rd largest in the world; the Navy however, though they are working toward it, is not yet considered to be a Blue Water (

Which rank in the navy is equivalent to the rank of brigadier in the army?

Originally, the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard rank of Commodore was the equivalent to the U.S. Army rank of Brigadier General. This was discontinued in 1899 and reintroduced

What Army rank is equivalent to Navy Commander?

Lieutenant Colonel, also for Marine Corp and Air Force. The equivalent ranks are: Army / Marines / Air Force - Lt. Colonel (Silver Oak Leaf) Navy / Coast Guard - Comm