What region did an agricultural society last develop?

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How did sedentary agriculture change society?

Sedentary agriculture changed society by farmers discovering that if they found one place to grow their crop, that they could harvest more. Before they would just plant wheat and such in many different places and they wouldn't have as much crop.

Why was agriculture necessary for the development of civilization?

Agriculture was key to the development of modern "civilization" firstly because by being able to grow food rather than acquiring it by "hunting and gathering," people were able to begin staying in one place (where as before they needed to move to where the food was). This triggered all sorts of impo (MORE)

Development of agriculture?

The development of agriculture became possible when people began torealize that they could choose which crops they wanted to grow.This increased the standard of living for people who settled in oneplace and planted crops, storing their harvest for the winter,instead of trying to subsist on what they (MORE)

How does society develop?

There are multiple models explaining the development of humansocieties. The evolutionary model using observations of other upperdivision mammals and anthropology indicates the societaldevelopment and structure is inherent to a species. This is becausewhales, dolphins, and primates (our evolutionary (MORE)

What did development of agriculture do?

Help to introduce industrial methods - large-scale,mechanised, more scientific-based etc - which reduced the size of the labour force and increased production.

What is development region?

A development region is a part of a country targeted for orundergoing industrialization. These regions may host factories ormay be part of urban development programs.

What is a agricultural society?

An agricultural society, is a society based around producing andmaintaining crops and farmland. Another way to define anagricultural society is by seeing how much of a nations totalproduction is agriculture.

What is the relationship between agriculture and development?

When you grow food (agriculture) you must necessarily live in one place in order to tend your crops, for at least one harvest season.. While you hang about waiting for your crops to become edible, you need to find something to do with your time.. You've probably already begun domesticating animals (MORE)

Did animals contribute to the development of agriculture?

Animals played a much greater contribution to agriculture than manypeople today can ever fathom. It can be thought that animals wereone of the reasons that agriculture even began, because they, forexample, helped the increase in efficiency and effort in producingcrops by providing labour where human (MORE)

How did agriculture change society?

First of all, society couldn't exist without agriculture. Agriculture is the most important thing in every economy. It all comes back to how people survive on this earth. People survive with food and water. Food controls everything.

How did the development of agriculture cause patriarchy?

The average woman could not produce enough food through farming to feed herself, much less any children. To survive she needed to depend on a husband who had the physical strength to support her. Before farming a woman could gather enough food for herself, her relatives, and oftentimes enough to fee (MORE)

How did the Aztecs organize their agricultural society?

AP WORLD HISTORY ANSWER BASED ON STEARNS BOOK : they basicallysegregated farmland by race and looks. The darkest would do theseeding, the tan would water, the light would pick it up. The groupthat had the most yamswere the richestbecause to the Aztecs it wasthe holy crop and would heal everything an (MORE)

What is the effect of sustainable agriculture to the society?

For those farmers who use scientific farming methods may cause a lot of problems.The use of sustainable farming helps reduce these problems. Problems may brought by scientific farming methods: 1)Pesticides Pesticides are harmful to human bodies.Some pesticides are left on crops,when people eat (MORE)

How does agriculture develop?

Early humans gathered food through hunting and foraging. During their time, inhospitable environments forced them to live in groups. As groups grew larger they became tribes. As tribes grew, hunting and foraging became undependable sources of food. This predicament made humans find new ways of getti (MORE)

How have agriculture developed?

Agricultue has developed in many different ways. One way is by the invention of the tractor. From there they have made the tractor bigger and better so that it can cover more ground in less time therefore increasing production. Another way is by adding fertilizer and insectisides to the crops. This (MORE)

Why is the development of agriculture considered a revolution?

Revolution is a fast change, as opposed to evolution, a slowchange. When man discovered agriculture, the hunter-gathererlifestyle had lasted for hundreds of thousands of years.Archaeologists find stone tools made over tens of centuries thatdidn't change for all that time. But when someone discovere (MORE)

How did the development agriculture bring change to human society?

In the Neolithic period it brought about a change in lifestyle of Hunter/Gatherer, to Agriculture and settlement. This enabled people to domesticate animals/plants in various forms during the next millennia, and produce food on a much larger scale, making it possible to support a much larger populat (MORE)

How did agriculture change human society?

It enabled a more diverse range of jobs for people. Farming also enabled people to stay in one place for much, much longer than nomadic people do, which, in turn, enabled people to build cities, houses, industrial areas, etc., and thus create new opportunities for different jobs.

What is a Pre-Agricultural society example?

A pre-agricultural society is often called a "hunter-gatherer" society, and these nomadic groups could be found all over the world, including in parts of Africa and Asia, about ten thousand years ago.

Why is irrigation needed for agriculture development?

because if the irrigation is done properly the farmers can work properly on their fields without facing any problem of water it is also necessary because even during famine no field is left without water and even then our country can progress well and it is useful for our coming generation also

What were some societies started by agriculture?

Pretty much all early civilizations were brought together by agriculture, because before people settled down and started small farming villages (which eventually grew together to become sprawling cities and empires) they were first nomads (usually small family units) that roamed the country-side as (MORE)

How did society change with agriculture?

Society of any particular area is directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture of that area for example where agriculture is more practiced people will be more attracted towards this occupation in general we can say that society can be determined by the type of agriculture in any area

How did agricultural societies form?

\n. Around a reliable supply of fresh water. Early civilizations are all tied to rivers: the Nile, the Tigris-Euphrates, the Indus, the Yangtse, the Mississippi, the Niger...

How can Pakistan be developed in field of agriculture?

By developing its infrastructure in agriculture research and by regional cooperation with countries like India. India is better equipped in certain crop genetic resources and with close cooperation Pakistan can also develop in the field of Agriculture.

How did agricultural advancement impact society?

You can write an entire book on this subject. But the basics are, the better the agriculture, the better the eating, therefore the better the working, which allows us to think and progress. If society doesn't have to worry about food gathering then they can concentrate on other advancements not rela (MORE)