What religions are under attack?

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Christianity religion is under attack these days. We see many Churches burning down in particularly in India, Killing of Christians, Burning of Christian, Expelling of Christian converted from the community, etc. These are all evil forces that attacks Christian religion as Paul has already said; we are against the evil forces, against the world of power of darkness where the devil is roaring like a Lion looking for the sheep.
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Was religion a factor in the IRA attacks?

No, not at all. They were made up of all religions and in 1988, a member was killed by his comrades for attacking a Catholic, just for being Catholic, which shows how the or
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Is Christianity under attack nowadays?

Christianity is not under attack. The Christian church is beginning to catch up with modern society in terms of norms and values. They are becoming increasingly open to "iss
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Why is the constitution under attack?

Obama. The idiot is trying to ban guns. In the constitution, it states that everyone is allowed to bear arms for their own safety, and since the recent shooting, he's been try