What religious group settled Boston?

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In Boston
the patriots
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What religious group settled in new york?

The colony of New York was settled first by the Dutch and then bythe English. The main religion of both the Dutch and English wasProtestantism. New York was one of the Middle colonies.

Was NY settled for religious reasons?

no not exactly, it was founded by the dutch until the duke of york set war on Holland and won so he took over the land which is now present day new york and named it new york

Which group was settled in New York?

According to the 2002 edition of History Alive! The United States, Dutch and English came there in search of new lives. The Dutch. Answer Dutch, it was once known as New Amsterdam. Answer The Dutch settled New Amsterdam, which became New York City after the Dutch surrendered the land (MORE)

Why did the Native American groups settle where they did?

Native Americans settled in thousands of places, but why? we think that they settled where they did because of the type of landscaping and environment they looked for. but also because of where there ancestors settled. tracing back to why there ancestors settled there hasne been finished, but to mak (MORE)

What group settled in Georgia first?

The first European settlement in Georgia was in the area knowntoday as Savannah. It was established in 1566 by the Spanish. Nextcame an English claim in 166, when Charles II granted land rightsto eight lord proprietors. By 1680, Britain had finally dislodgedall the Spanish from the area.

Why was this religious group called puritan?

The religious group was called puritan because they were supposed to be "pure." They had very strict rules about religion and did not let their people change religions. In a way, they were somewhat the exact opposite of Quakers. Puritans were sometimes flogged if they did something wrong..

What groups settled the west?

Miners, single women, cowboys, railroad workers, and sodbusters were some of the groups of people who settled in the West.

What group first settled in Texas?

Texas Settlement . The first European settlement was by France called Fort Saint Louis near Matagorda Bay. . Spain then established a series of East Texas missions. . The first significant Anglo-American group was the First 300 on the Brazos. . By 1834 Texas had an estimated 30,000 Anglos wi (MORE)

What religious group settled in Utah?

The Latter Day Saints or Mormons. I really think it was Mormons. I am doing a assiment for my schoool and that fits into what i need. it could be either but that's just my oppinion. In 1844 the Mormons followed BrighamYoung to what would become the Utah Territory.

What is a religious group?

A religious group can be called a sect. A religious group can alsobe called a congregation when all attend the same church. Areligious group might have more than one sect, or group ofindividuals, like the Amish.

What group settled rhode island?

Roger Williams and his follows settled in Rhodes Island. They wentthere for religious freedoms that were being denied inMassachusetts.

What religious groups settled in the southern colonies?

the quakers and the puritans moved from Canada to the southern colonies in 1907-1909. The move was called the far east movement.Many settlers who found they did not like the New England religious beliefs moved southward to escape their practices.

Why did John Winthrop settle Boston?

ANSWER: John Winthrop settled Boston in 1630, because the Puritans desired their own religious community, and wanted to be a part of the economic process of trade. Winthrop helped to establish a Congregational Church, and led the colony through the first hard winter. John Winthrop was el (MORE)

What groups settled on the great plains?

On the great plains, the homes of settlers were called homesteads.These types of people were farmers, cowboys, miners and railroadworkers. Also ranchers and single workers settled here.

What groups settled in Massachusetts?

Puritans came, (a puritan is a member of a group from England and fled to the Massachusetts Bay Colony to reform the practices of the Church of England, they hated that church), their leaving is known as the Great Migration.

Religious group who settled New England?

The religious group that settled in the New England region of theAmericas in the 17th century was known as "the Puritans. "Dissenting strongly from the established Church of England in theirhome-country, these Puritans sought a place wherein they could liveand worship exactly as their faith directed (MORE)

Maryland religious beliefs of the people who settled there?

The charter was issued by Charles I to Lord Baltimore in 1632, named after Charles's Catholic wife Queen Henrietta Maria, and was settled largely by Catholics. On April 21st 1649, Maryland became the first colony to adopt a religious toleration act.

What religious group settled in Charlesfort?

In April 1566, the Spanish erceted Fort San Flipe on the same Parris Island where the French had built Charlesfort. During the winter of 1566, Captain Jusn Pardo led two expiditons from the fort to explore the interior of South Carolina. On the first trip, Pardo reached the mountains; he reached the (MORE)

What religious groups were in Pennsylvania?

During colonial times there were many Quakers in Pennsylvania. Huguenots and German Pietists were also brought there by William Penn. Dutch Reformed, Lutherans, Quakers, and Anglicans, Protestants, Dutch Mennonites, Baptists, and Jews were all there along with indigenous Indians and African slaves a (MORE)

Where did groups settle in Canada?

Most of the population of Canada lives very near the US border. The more northerly regions of Canada are much more sparsely populated.

What did Napoleon do to settle religious problems?

Napoleon, himself, was not religious, although some claim he was Catholic due to the Concordat that he signed with the Roman Catholic Church in order to maintain peace with Rome following the French Revolution (1789-1799) where he confiscated the church lands and assumed control over the appointment (MORE)

Which European groups settled in Oregon?

Oregon has a significant population of Russian descent as well as many Romani people (aka Gypsies). Today, there are nearly 340,000 people living in Oregon that are descendants of Scandinavians.

What group is both and ethnic and a religious group?

Judaism is an ethnic religion. Christianity and Islam do not claimto be ethnic. . Answer 2 Today, the term ethno-religious group is often used to describe the Jewishpeople. Jews have certain elements that are common to allethnicities, such as a common language, particular customs ofassociation, (MORE)

Where did the group St Lewis settle?

The history of St. Louis, Missouri began with the settlement of the St. Louis area by Native American mound builders who lived as part of the Mississippian culture from the 9th century to the 15th century,followed by other migrating tribal groups. Starting in the late17th century, French ex (MORE)