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A renewable resource.
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Can you use a parachute more than once?

Yes and no. Yes because you can fold it back up into its sack. But some kinds of parachutes can not be folded back into its sack. For example a normal nylon parachute can. But

A resource that can be used more than once is called a?

Well, there are resources that can be reused.    -water   -wood    When it comes to resources which replenish themselves, it is sometimes also referred to as

Can cut be used more than once in soul silver?

Depends on what you mean. Cut is an HM, which allows you to teach it to every Pokemon you have that can learn it. The HM cut, has a limited amount of PP, so you can only use i

Can you use the Honey in Tamagotchi v4.5 more than once?

Nope. Once your Tamagotchi eats or uses it, it gets all wacky and it's been used. So no. Only once! If you want to receive another one: CCBA AABB in the shop under the basebal

Can you use Epipens more than once?

An Epi-pen is a single use instrument. After use, it should be  discarded in an appropriate container. If you continue to have the  symptoms that made you use the Epi-pen in