What rhymes with weight lifter?

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What are the weights that weight lifters lift?

You've probably heard the term "pumping iron." Well, the weight plates themselves really are usually iron. The bars are usually steel, and the best ones are tempered steel. It

Do protein drinks help weight lifters?

to bulk up and have extra calories to burn? yes they can if they are taken as an extra meal, you can't substitute protein shakes for meals and expect to get bigger.
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Where can one find information on weight lifters?

There are information about weight lifting in books, magazines, and websites. Exercises and machines or weights to do weight lifting can be found at many stores. Before begi
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What are the forces acting on a weight lifter and weights?

(using squats for the sake of explanation) The lifter exerts an action force on the weight, which is in the opposite direction to gravity. The lifters shoulders also experien