What rights do you have as a renter?

Renter's Rights . Different states have different laws regarding your rights a arenter. I suggest searching google for your+rights+as+a+renter Addthe state you live in to the (MORE)

What should a renter ask a landlord?

Answer . Everything he can! A renter should ask a landlord whatever he needs to in order to make a decision on whether to rent from him. This includes, but does not limit t (MORE)

Can landlord make you get renters ins?

Yes. He can place whatever reasonable restrictions he chooses. It is likely that he wants you to have renter insurance to protect against you doing something that causes a pro (MORE)

What are renters right?

Renters rights are also known as tenant rights: the basic rights that tenant has when renting residential property from the landlord.

What right as a landlord do i have if my renters have a dog in my rental house when the contract states no pets?

you have every right to get rid of that dog Give them a 10 day notice of non compliance of your written rental contract. They will have 10 days to move out or get rid of the (MORE)