What rights does the father have against a mother who gets partial SSD for their child from ex husband's SSD and the mother and her boyfriend have no license to meet halfway when living 3 hrs away?

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The father has no right to supervise the mother's lifestyle, SSD or no.
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Is there any possibility of you getting primary custody of your ex-husband's nephew if you've both had legal custody of the child since he was 2 days old and the nephew's mother is in prison?

Answer . You will need a good lawyer for this and you will have to prove he's an unfit guardian or father. The courts favor leaving the child with their biological parents(s) if possible. If you're lawyer is good and knows some previous cases he may just have the courts lean in your favor. If (MORE)

What rights does paternal father have to take son out of abusive household with the biological mother and stepfather and keeping the child away from the paternal mother.?

Answer . There are two ways you can do this. In Canada we call it "Child Welfare." Make an appointment with them and they'll help you out. They may make a surprise visit to the home where your son is living (make sure they do). If Children's Welfare isn't happy with the environment your son (MORE)

Does a father have the right to make a choice that his child and mother of child cannot live with a boyfriend or fiance if the father legal gave custody to the mother?

No, if the biological father does not retain custodial rights he has no say in the living arrangements of the mother and child.. The exception to such, would of course be if the child is in an unsuitable and/or unsafe environment where his or her well-being is in jeopardy.. This does not mean that (MORE)

If the mother of an unborn child is a minor does the father have any rights if her mother is trying to keep all rights away from the father who is not a minor?

Google "dad's rights" "father's rights" etc. There are lots of organization with info to help you on this. You will have to legally petition for parental rights, and YOU MUST petition to be on the birth certificate within 24 HOURS of the birth. Now, if you are 21 and the mother-to-be- is 14 then lea (MORE)

What is an SSD?

An SSD ( S olid S tate D rive) is a type of hard drive that uses no moving parts, but rather stores data on Flash chips, similar to a Flash drive or CompactFlash. . S olid S tate D rive

What rights does a father have to child if he is not married to the mother?

First, he must have a good reason to convince the court that the child would be better off in his custody. He would need to convince the court that the mother is unfit and the mother's custody is not in the best interest of the child. The health, safety, and welfare of children is always the court's (MORE)

Does the live-in boyfriend of the mother of the child have a right to keep the father who has shared custody of the child from their home?

If the house is owned by the live-in boyfriend, it is considered his property and he has the right to not allow you inside the home.. However, it is the mothers legal reponsibility to make the child available during visitation hours even if they have to meet you off of the property in question.. I (MORE)

If the mother and father of a child aren't married and the mother is getting married to a military man what rights does the father have if they were to move?

Your rights need to be established by a court order for visitation and for child support. If you have a visitation order in place then the court has jurisdiction over your child and his mother must appeal to the court to allow her to move the child out of state. The court will assess the situation i (MORE)

Can a mother stop her child from living with his father?

If the parties disagree then that issue must be addressed by a court order. Generally, if the parents are unmarried the mother has sole custody and control in most states until the father can establish his paternity. Remember, a child's mother can always be identified by medical records. Since th (MORE)

Do mothers on ssi and ssd pay child support to the fathers?

An SSI beneficiary is not obligated to pay child support; however, if there is an order in place, the beneficiary will have to file a motion to have it terminated. The child may be eligible for RSDI based on the obligor's SSA account; if so, that amount is considered child support. If that benefit e (MORE)

What rights does a child have if the mother and father were not married and the father is dead?

The child would need to have the father's paternity established. Once paternity has been established the child is entitled to inherit from her father's estate and collect under his social security benefits while the child is a minor. You should consult with an attorney. The child would need to have (MORE)

Can a father keep a child away from the mother?

No. A father has absolutely no right to keep a child away from the mother unless there is a court order to that effect. No. A father has absolutely no right to keep a child away from the mother unless there is a court order to that effect. No. A father has absolutely no right to keep a child away (MORE)

Can a father take the child away from the mother?

Take away how? As in getting custody? Yes it can happen if he files for such and the court finds it is in the best interests of the child to do so. Otherwise, both parents are expected to abide by the custody order currently in place and the parent who doesn't can find themselves in some serious leg (MORE)

Is it kidnapping if the father goes and gets his child from out of state from the steparent if they have no rights when the mother has died?

The father should consult with an attorney but unless he has been declared an unfit parent by the court with jurisdiction over the child, or he has given up his parental rights, he would be the primary choice for custody of the child. The father should consult with an attorney but unless he has bee (MORE)

Do step fathers have rights to a child if the biological mother has passed away?

Step parents have no legal rights regarding their step children unless they legally adopt them. However, if he has been there all their lives and the biological father is not interested, he can petition the court for custody. There are cases where the step parent was granted custody by the court bec (MORE)

Can a father take their child away from its teen mother?

If not married the custody belong to the mother automatically and the father have to go to court to get visitation rights or custody. If the mother can not take care fo the child and neglects it, the father can alsoi get custody.

What rights does a father have if the mother gives permission for their child to live with dad?

It depends on several factors including whether the parents are married, divorced or unmarried and whether there are any outstanding court orders regarding custody and visitation. Some points to consider: . If the parents are married both parents have equal parental rights. . If the parents are (MORE)

What is the fathers rights if the mother abandoned the child at the fathers house?

He should file for custody as soon as possible. Also child support or change the existing order if it requires him to pay her since she would then pay him. There is also different time limits between the states when someone is considered abandoning their child so it would depend on how long she has (MORE)

I am the only child of my father who is deceased. His mother passed away in California. She has one daughter and one step-son living. What are my rights to her estate if she had no will?

I am assuming that your grandmother does not have a spouse who is still living. In California, if a resident dies without a will or trust, then the laws of intestate succession are used to determine who will inherit the estate. If your grandmother was not married, then the estate would be divided in (MORE)

What is a SSD?

SSD stands for Solid State Drive. It is a computer drive that uses memory chips instead of physical disks to store data. It is much faster than the physical disk, but also more expensive.