What role do trees play in global warming?

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Trees help to reduce global warming by 'cleaning the air'.
Here's how:
  • A gas that helps to cause global warming is carbon dioxide.
  • Trees 'breathe' just like we do except when they breathe they take in carbon dioxide not oxygen.
  • When a tree breathes out it breathes out oxygen.
  • This is then breathed in by a human.
  • Carbon dioxide is breathed out the the human...
  • ...and breathed in by the tree...
  • This carries on continuously.
Some trees have been growing in tropical rainforests like the Amazon Basin for hundreds of years. They store almost half their weight in carbon. So trees help reduce global warming in a way, but with people producing so much extra carbon dioxide global warming is happening. Trees probably have other effects on the environment and global warming, but I only know what is above. Hope it helps :) Only half of the story Yes, living trees breathe in carbon dioxide. But when they die, they ROT, and when they rot, all the carbon they stored over the years will be oxidized and released into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. Well, not ALL of the carbon. Some part of it will be transferred to the soil. But in places like the Amazon Rain Forest, the soil is too thin to hold much carbon, so very little goes into the soil and what little does is rapidly released into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. On the other hand, if, instead of allowing trees to die and rot, we were to HARVEST the trees, turn them into lumber, and treat them to prevent rot, the carbon therein would be sequestered (prevented from oxidizing into the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere) almost indefinitely.
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How can trees fight global warming?

A tree takes in Carbon Dioxide for use in photosynthesis. Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gas which causes global warming. The tree stores the carbon and releases oxygen.

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Trees actually act against it. They take the amosphere's carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen, reducing the effects of the greenhouse effect. It kills the trees so we don't

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This depends on your point of view. If the Oregon Report is correct (which I believe it is) there is no such thing as global warming, On the other hand, most climate scie

How does Trees stop global warming?

Global warming is usually caused by the large amount of Carbon Dioxide ( CO2 ) released in the atmosphere. Trees absorbs CO2 in order to perform Photosynthesis.

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It converts carbon dioxide into oxygen. Carbon dioxide traps heat so when the trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, it not only reduce the amount of heat by a bit but also

How do trees prevent global warming?

trees reduce global warming, but they can't prevent a process that is already taking place.. trees obsorb CO2 and turn this into oxygen, reducing the Green house gas concentr

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How does oxygen play a role in global warming?

Oxygen does not play any role in Global Warming. Greenhouse gases like Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Aerosols had played a vital role in increasing the temperature of the Earth.

How do kids play a role in global warming?

kids must be taught regarding global warming, so that they are not only gain awareness but also work for its counter implementations.

What do tree rings have to do with global warming?

Trees tend to grow faster during warmer and wetter years, and this is reflected in the tree rings. Scientists can look back through the centuries using tree rings, and identif

How do trees contribute to global warming?

Living trees contribute to reducing global warming by removing carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) from the atmosphere. The amount they remove and store is substantial. However trees hav

What role do cities play in global warming?

Cities and the people in them play a large role in global warming.Heating, cooling and transport in the cities use massive amounts offossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas).

How can software engineer play a role to reduce global warming?

Any software engineer that works on improving the efficiency of anything that affects the environment is playing such a role. For example, software in cars and planes that