What role do trees play in global warming?

What role do trees play in global warming?
Trees help to reduce global warming by 'cleaning the air'.
Here's how:
  • A gas that helps to cause global warming is carbon dioxide.
  • Trees 'breathe' just like we do except when they breathe they take in carbon dioxide not oxygen.
  • When a tree breathes out it breathes out oxygen.
  • This is then breathed in by a human.
  • Carbon dioxide is breathed out the the human...
  • ...and breathed in by the tree...
  • This carries on continuously.
Some trees have been growing in tropical rainforests like the Amazon Basin for hundreds of years. They store almost half their weight in carbon. So trees help reduce global warming in a way, but with people producing so much extra carbon dioxide global warming is happening. Trees probably have other effects on the environment and global warming, but I only know what is above. Hope it helps :) Only half of the story Yes, living trees breathe in carbon dioxide. But when they die, they ROT, and when they rot, all the carbon they stored over the years will be oxidized and released into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. Well, not ALL of the carbon. Some part of it will be transferred to the soil. But in places like the Amazon Rain Forest, the soil is too thin to hold much carbon, so very little goes into the soil and what little does is rapidly released into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. On the other hand, if, instead of allowing trees to die and rot, we were to HARVEST the trees, turn them into lumber, and treat them to prevent rot, the carbon therein would be sequestered (prevented from oxidizing into the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere) almost indefinitely.
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How do trees help slow down global warming?

Trees use the carbon dioxide in the air to grow. And that reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, which reduces the green house effect. They need Carbon Dioxide in o (MORE)

How does planting trees minimize global warming?

Trees remove carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas causing global  warming, from the atmosphere.    All plants, including trees during their energy cycle known as  ph (MORE)

What role do natural forces play in the current global warming trend?

Natural forces play no significant role in the  current global warming.    The three most prominent natural factors are solar output, volcanic  eruptions and out gassin (MORE)

How do trees prevent global warming?

  trees reduce global warming, but they can't prevent a process that is already taking place.   trees obsorb CO2 and turn this into oxygen, reducing the Green house gas (MORE)

What is man's role in global warming?

Humans are responsible for serious deforestation  as well as the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil  and natural gas). Climate scientists agree that this is what is  causin (MORE)

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How does trees being cut down affect global warming?

As we know CO2 is a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. Trees take in a larger amount of CO2 than they give off. This is because they use the carbon to grow. Wh (MORE)

What role does technology play in global warming?

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How does deforestation the cutting down of trees contribute to global warming?

Trees absorb carbon dioxide (CO2), store the carbon and release Oxygen. When the trees are cut down less Carbon Dioxide can be converted and it builds up in our atmosphere. CO (MORE)

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Why are trees so important to fighting global warming?

There are so many greenhouse gases contributes to global warming so tress are important to absorb all those gases and provides fresh oxygen for the survival of human beings.

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How does cutting of trees lead to global warming?

Trees absorb huge amounts of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from the air, and 'lock' it away in their cells. Chopping down vast tracts of forest to use for construction, or to build hou (MORE)