What rug company in Chicago used the phone number Hudson 3 2700?

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Was it Bushelle?
It was & is "Boushelle", Though not as popular as it was during the 1960's-70's.  
Plus, I believe the late Chicago folk singer Win Stracke sang the once popular Chicago jingle, Also with Maurice Lenell Cookies.  
It was definitely Bouchelle. (not exactly sure of the spelling)  
It was and still is Boushelle... A Google proves it, though it is now in the 630 area code: link to Google  
When I was a kid, there was a heavyset boy on our ballteam named Hudson. We used to make fun of him with that jingle and sing "Hudson weighs 2700". Ah, youth. = =
Yes, Winn Stracke it was. I now live in the high country of Arizona, but blame my sweet tooth on Winn! Just kidding!!! He wrote the first Maurice Lennel Cooky "jingle", then was later pressed to write a second one. The first most people know..." ...if you like good Cookies, a story I'll tell..." But the second was a bit tongue in cheek, about Mars visitors. They tell the crowd..." We don't want your leader, we're not here to dwell; just bring us some cookies, by Maurice Lennel." My neighbors think I'm crazy, but that jingle sticks with me at age 59. == = Before Winn Stracke, the deep baso voice belonged to Mark Russell, who later became a talent scout for Arthur Godfrey's "Talent Scout" shows, and a local public service show host (Eye on St. Louis) on KMOX-TV, St. Louis. Mark died in 2002 at the age of 88.
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