What rules govern homeowner associations in New Jersey?

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New Jersey, like most other states, has a state condominium law. Developers commission a set of governing documents for every association, which are unique to that association.

When you purchased your home, you received a copy of these governing documents, usually CC&Rs and By-Laws (covenants, conditions, restrictions and reservations). These are your core 'rules'. Alternatively, you can also ask your property manager or any board member for copies of up-to-date governing documents, which you can expect to pay for.

On a higher level homeowner's associations are subject to statutory law in every state. Some states have separate statutes, in addition to condominium law, that govern HOAs since they affect all types of common interest property including condominiums, cooperatives, planned communities, mobile home parks and time shares. All have homeowner's associations in common. See related link for the New Jersey Common Interest Real Property Act and scroll to section 301.
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Does county law override homeowner association rules?

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