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The name of the group that sang the original song, back in the 80's, is Heart. The name of the song is "What About Love"
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Can car insurance companies not repair your car if you forgot to add something on the insurance?

Auto covered only as manufactured . \nYes. The policy coveres the vehicle as it came off the assembly line. They have no way to know how much to charge you for "complete" coverage if you don't tell them. Another thing to watch for is that auto polices are Actual Cash Value coverage. That mean (MORE)

Why would a company use a sample?

If it's too time consuming, expensive or otherwise impractical to collect data from the entire population of interest you can derive equally valid results from a random representative sample of adequate size. This saves time, money and other resources.

Who is little Wayne talking about in his song something you forgot?

Lil Wayne is singing about Nivea B. Nash because she is from Savannah, Georgia, and in the song he says "...she was from Georgia..." Lil Wayne says, "...I know your daughter will be so amazin' like you..." and Nivea had a daughter with Terius "The-Dream" Nash, who was born on May 10, 2005 and nam (MORE)

Why are sample used in statistics?

Because collecting information from the whole population may not be possible, may take too long or may be very expensive. Furthermore, if a sample is well designed, the improvement in accuracy of the results will diminish rapidly so there is little to be gained from collecting all the data.

Why do you use sample populations?

e.g. you wanted to conduct a test on teenagers, if you wanted to test an entire population you would have to test every teenager in the world.\nBY using random sampling or stratisfied random sampling you can get fair results which represents the entire population and takes far less time.

A sentence using the word sample?

This sentence is a SAMPLE sentence. The boy wanted a sample of the food. The woman wanted a sample of the perfume. The man wanted a sample of the wine.

What are sampling distributions used for?

Sampling distribution are used to:. a) Estimate the number of samples or surveys to make to obtain a specified confidence in a particular statistic.. b) Determine the confidence interval and the margin of error of a particular statistic.. c) Conduct a hypothesis test on a particular statistic.. (MORE)

You forgot how to use Dragon Fury in Spyro the Dawn Of The Dragon?

You (once your fury meter is full) tap the Triangle button and square button back and forth like triangle, square, triangle, square. butt that's just for plastation 2, I don't know how to do it on any other console, but you can get the game guide that tells you how to do that on all the consoles and (MORE)

Why sampling used in statistics?

Sampling is used in statistics because you can't possibly ask everyone in the world how old they are in order to find out the average age of all humans. But by getting a representative sample, you can make a pretty accurate estimation of the average age of everyone on the planet. Another less obv (MORE)

What are the uses of sampling?

(1) A sample may save money (as compared with the cost of a complete census) when absolute precision is not necessary. (2) A sample saves time, when data are desired more quickly than would be possible with a complete census. (3) A sample may make it possible to concentrate attention on individu (MORE)

Use of colour in the only one who forgot?

I often confuse myself when it comes to analyzing texts, but Imight be able to start you off. White road and white town - metaphor for the white people, theirconstructed need for segregation from colored people; at the end ofthe story it's whiteness makes it almost forbidden ground forBrandy, becaus (MORE)

How do you remember something you forgot?

clear thy mind of any stress from what you forgot then relax, if it doesnt come to you soon enough then just go back and do everything you did before you lost it.

How do you unlock a laptop that uses Window 7 if you forgot you password?

How to find laptop password for Windows 7 - Bypass laptop Windows 7 password with built-in administrator account A. Power on laptop PC and press the key: F8. B. At the windows of Advanced Boot Options, opt for "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" and confirm with key: Enter. Then PC starts Windows (MORE)

What is something about yourself sample answers?

i am a person with strong interpersonal skills, so I have the ability to get along with people. I enjoy challenges and always look for creative solutions to problems. I have done my senior education from govt. school amb distt UNA H.P. and now i am doing graduation from H.P University shiml (MORE)

Tell something about sampling gate?

sampling gates are transmission circuits in which the output is an exact replica of input wavefrom during that selected time interval and is zero otherwise that means only for selected time period the output remains same and for remaining time period the output is zero swamyuniveres@ymail.c (MORE)

Sample answer for the question tell me something about yourself?

I come from a small and simple family who teaches me to be reliable, God fearing and independent. I am a person who you can rely on at home and even at work. I am also a believer of God. I see to it that I spend time with Him every Sunday, by going to church. My experiences teach me to be independen (MORE)

How many times is the word forgot used in the bible?

In the King James version the word - forgot - appears once . Deu 24:19 When thou cuttest down thine harvest in thy field, and hast forgot a sheaf in the field, thou shalt not go again to fetch it: it shall be for the stranger, for the fatherless, and for the widow: that the LORD thy God may bles (MORE)

What would happen if you forgot to use flour when baking?

One time I was making sugar cookies and I accidentally used powdered sugar instead of flour (they look kind of similar, right? haha). The cookies basically melted into a giant blob that leaked over the sides of sheet. Not a fun mess to clean up. And not even my dog would eat the sugary goop I create (MORE)

Was something you forgot lilwayne sang for toya or nivea?

This song could be meant for both Nivea and Toya because if you hear closely Lil Wayne involves details in the song from both of his relationships. If not it was probably meant for Nivea. By the way I LOVE LIL WAYNE SO MUCH I WOULD GIVE ANYTHING FOR THAT SONG TO BE MEANT TO ME!!Weezy f baby;)

Why do you use a sample when testing products?

Your only choice is to use a sample (part of the whole), or test every single product. If you're testing hand cream, and you don't use a sample, you would have to test everything the hand cream factory produced, leaving nothing to sell, driving profits into the ground. The idea is that if a produ (MORE)

What can you do if you forgot your password and the email you used to activate your account?

The process of retrieving a lost password can vary a bit from site. Clicking on "forgot password," which is almost always on the login screen of any site, will usually walk you through getting another one or retrieving the one you set. If you forgot the email that you signed up with, you will probab (MORE)

Who use stratified sampling?

A statistician, or anyone who wants to ensure that, for a population that can be divided into a set of strata, the sample is forced to contain the same proportion from each stratum.

How do you use free sample princess?

Free Sample Princess is a site that assists persons to locate free samples. It does so by providing information and contact details for companies that are providing free sample promotions.

How probability sampling is used?

Probability is used to extrapolate the likelihood of a future event, so if you think about it, it's used all the time by everyone everyday .

Why do you have to use apricot glaze on a fruitcake because I forgot to do it?

You do it for no other reason than to help make a covering layer or decoration adhere - In a Xmas cake this might be marzipan followed by Royal icing. If you're putting blanched almonds or other fruit and nuts on the cake the apricot glaze helps them adhere and then more is brushed over the topping (MORE)

What is sampling with replacement and why is it not used?

It is used. However, it can result in the same unit being observed again. That reduced the range of possible outcomes. It is used. However, it can result in the same unit being observed again. That reduced the range of possible outcomes. It is used. However, it can result in the same unit be (MORE)

What is systematic sampling use for?

In practice, systematic sampling is used on account of its simplicity and convenience. It's easy to explain to the people doing the actual work. It can be justified theoretically wherever the population from which units are to be sampled systematically are randomly distributed. It can be used for (MORE)

Why are you using sampling?

Usually we are interested in the characteristics of largepopulations of items or people. It would often prove costly orimpossible to measure these characteristics for the entirepopulation. We therefore measure them for a carefully selectedsample of the population and attempt to make scientific infer (MORE)