What separates south Asia and Asia?

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In Asia
The Himalyan Range, Pamir Knot and The Hindukush form a natural division between Soth Asia ans the rest of Asia.
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Where is Asia?

Asia is the largest continent, located between Europe and Africaand the Pacific Ocean, just above Australia. It is generallybetween 5°N and 80°N and between 35°E and about 180°E . Asia is thelargest continent in the world. Countries like Russia, China, andIndia inhabit this continent.

What is Asia?

Asia is a c ontinent that consists of many Asian countries such as China, India and Japan. Asia is warm in some places and cold in others. Depends on the season.

Why are Europe and Asia separate continents?

Being I have been there, they are very different places, people, beliefs, and experiences. Europe is a bit like America, but more old fashioned but are in better shape and dress better than Americans. Asia is old fashioned as well, but not like Europe. Europe has alot of castles, and older things. (MORE)

What landform separates Europe from Asia?

The Ural Mountains separate Europe from Asia. a peninsula hi my name is adrian from st. Joseph of cupertino school lol!!! The Ural Mountains, the Caspian Sea, the Caucasus Mountains, and the Bosporus Strait are all used as barriers between Europe and Asia.

What landform separates europe and asia?

The Ural Mountains -Parker Vela I also had this on my Daily Geography homeworkThe Ural Mountains, the Caspian Sea, the Caucasus Mountains, and the Bosporus Strait are all defined as boundaries between Europe and Asia. Ural Mountains and your welcome. :)

What separates Europe and Asia?

Geographic boundaries between the continents of Europe and Asia are the Ural Mountains, the Caucasus Mountains, and the Dardenelles strait between in Turkey that leads between the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea.

What separates Asia and Europe?

The Mediterranean sea,the Ural Mountain,The Bosporus and the Dardanelles.The Dardanelles, the Bosporus Strait, Ural Mountains, Caucus Mountains, Caspian Sea, and Mediterranean Sea all separate Europe and Asia.

What strait separates Europe from Asia?

It's not that simple; Europe and Asia actually aren't separated (which you could have seen if you have ever looked at any world map). The border between Europe and Asia is as following: the Ural Mountains and the Ural river, the Caspian Sea, Kuma-Manych depression, the Black Sea, the Bosporus Strait (MORE)

What sea separates Asia and Europe?

Well. there is no sea separating Europe and Asia but there are several small seas located in the Europe and Asia but no sea separating the two. There were probably some in prehistoric times but then were talking 60-70 million years ago.

What separates africa and Asia?

The Red Sea is what separates Africa from Asia. The Red Sea is1,400 miles long at its longest point and has a maximum width of221 miles.

What sea separates Africa from Asia?

Some people think it's the Mediteranean Sea, some people think it's the Red Sea, but I go for the Red Sea because the Mediteranean Sea seperates Europe and Africa and the Red Sea separates Africa and Asia.\n. \nIt's the Red Sea

Countries of south Asia?

The current territories of Afghanistan , Bangladesh , Bhutan , Maldives , Nepal , India , Pakistan , and Sri Lanka form South Asia.

What are the landforms in south Asia?

There are many landforms in this region. The major landforms inSouth Asia are seas, deserts, mountains, rivers, undergroundchannels, plateaus and rift valleys.

What is there to do in Asia?

There is so much culture to see in Asia, such as India, China and Malaysia . the reason most people go to Asia is to see Mt. Everest in the Himalayas

What is south Asia?

the countries which belong to south Asia countries called south Asia just joking m thecko

What ocean separates africa and asia?

The Red Sea is the long, narrow body of water that separates muchof Africa and Asia. To the north of that division they areseparated by the Mediterranean Sea, and to the south by the Gulf ofAden.

What is in Asia?

Your question is too general, no one will be able to answer such question since there are so many languages in Asia. Thank you

What separates Korea from the mainland of Asia?

North Korea has borders with both China and Russia (at Khasan). The Korean peninsula is separated from mainland China by the Korea Bay (in the north) and the Yellow Sea. . (see map link)

What ocean separates north and south America from Asia?

Pacific Ocean Yes, although the Pacific Ocean can be said to be two oceans: the North and South Pacific Oceans. The North Pacific Ocean is the one that separates North and South America from Asia and the South Pacific Ocean is the one that separates South America from Australia.

What city separates turkey and Asia?

UHHHHHH....well Turkey is in Asia as well as a small portion in Europe. I think the answer you want is to the question; what city in Turkey seperates Europe and Asia? The answer I guess is Istanbul, formerly Constantinople, but there is also a waterway separating the two continents.

What ocean separates Greenland and Asia?

When moving to the east of Greenland, it passes through the North Atlantic Ocean and a few seas before it reaches the Asian part of Russia since Russia is an inter-continental country of Europe and Asia.

What separates Asia and North America?

The Bering Strait separates North America (Alaska) and Asia (Russia). On the north side of the strait is the Chukchi Sea, which is part of the Arctic Ocean. On the south side of the strait is the Bering Sea, which is part of the Pacific Ocean. An argument can be made that the Arctic Ocean separate (MORE)

How are the economies of south Asia changing?

Econmies of South Asia is changing fast. India is leading the change process with somewhat a stable government, and revenue from IT enabled investment in people and assets. This region nurtured their human capital with free or subsidised education and exported them all over the world at very econ (MORE)

Where are Asia and Europe separated?

They are currently considered parts of the same larger Eurasian continent; the two smaller parts are currently more of a cultural distinction than a geographic one.

What are south Asia major cities?

herat kabul gandahar islamabad karachchi srinagar newdelhi kanpur varanasi ahamadabad nagpur culcutta bombay hydrabad vishakapatnam bangalee macdras colombo dhaka kathmandu

What do Asia and South America have in common?

There are many basic similarities. Both are continents, both have a population, both contain some of the largest countries (by area and population), both have mountains, both border the Pacific, etc.

Do South Asia and South East Asia exist or is it all just known as Asia?

This really depends on the context of how you are using it. All such labeling is purely arbitrary. If you are talking about the large scale mass as a continent than it is simply Asia. However, any such mass can be discussed on smaller regional bias using terms like south east Asia. It gives (MORE)

Why did Europe and Asia separated?

Europe and Asia are separated politically, not physically. They are separated due to cultural differences throughout history, mainly.

What is an Asia?

The largest continent,bounded on the west by Europe and Africa,on the south by the Indian Ocean,and on the east by the Pacific.

Why are Europe and Asia separated?

They are two continents. They are separated by a combination ofgeographical features, most notably the Ural mountains and theCacusus mountains. Culturally they are different and individualcountries in those continents have different cultures.

Why europe and asia are separate continents?

Europe and Asia are considered as separate continents because ofthe physical features and water bodies that mark their boundaries,such as the Caucasus Mountains, and the Black and Caspian Seas.

Why europe and asia are separate continents-?

Europe and Asia are tow separate continents because of theirdifferences in culture, and most importantly due to the physicalfeatures that separate them such as Ural and Caucasus Mountains,andthe Caspian Seas.