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What should I do about my best friend cos I'm totally in love with her but shes started dating another guy even though she knows i like her?

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maybe she's making you jealous to test your love for her
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What should you do if you are in love with a guy and you know and he likes you but he says he has some problems with himself so he won't go out with you even though he wants to?

  Answer   Hopefully you aren't having a sexual relationship with him because if you are then he's using you. A decent guy wouldn't have sexual relations with a gi

Your best friend said she never will like the guy im in love with but then a couple weeks later she starts dating him why would she do this when she knew you were in love with him?

She would probably do this to you to be mean. Maybe she is jealous of you. You have to be able to trust someone when you tell them who you like. You probably can't trust your

How do you know if your guy best friend likes you even though he likes your bff?

  Sometimes guys find it hard to show their feelings to girls(especially ones they're close to. At school, I like one girl, but everyone thinks I like a different one. We

Guy u love is dating your ex best friend and shes been to me He flirts with me like heck when she not around But what sux is that she is taking all my friends from me How you get your friends back?

Well first you should start by telling her with the guy did, and does when she isn't around. You must also tell her how you feel about him, but let her know that you wouldn't

How do I get a girl in 6th grade that I really love but her best friend hates me she doesnt know me and shes popular a lot of cool guys like her and I barely have any friends?

If you both have Facebook you send her a friend request and talk to her (always agree with everything she is saying). If one of you don't have Facebook go up to where she is a

What should you do when you are in love with your best friend and he has a girlfriend but he knows you like him?

My advice would be this: It might be frustrating that he has a girlfriend who is not you, but it is very important that you don't get highly emotional and dramatic with him. T