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What should India do to stay ahead in the science and technology games?

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india should not use the new system of science and technology..
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Are there specific diets or trends that you follow?

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Should paul stay with his science group?

Yes! I think pauls science group is very good for him as it is very smart. Paul has exceled beyond his limits this year, and has become very confident when speaking out loud a (MORE)

How will science and technology change your lives in the future and what should India do to stay ahead in the game?

Well, I may not have more than one life now, but in the future, science and technology may indeed enable me to have more than one life. Since I have only one life now, this sc (MORE)

How science and tecnology change our life in future and how india stays aheads in game?

Human life has totally changed since arise of science and technology. We have reached upon top of our life by the help of science and technological things. Science and technol (MORE)

Education on the Internet: Fun Science Games on the Web

Humans are very physical creatures, and they learn best when they are able to get their own two hands on something. This is infeasible for a lot of science, but there are fun (MORE)
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Tips for Finding Great Travel Deals to India

Traveling halfway across the world to India is not for the frugal. When choosing this exotic locale for your getaway, you should put away any notions of booking a cheap vacati (MORE)

Do You Use Technology to Hide?

Technology is a wonderful thing that can do much for people who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It helps us compensate for poor memory, reminds us when w (MORE)
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5 Important Things Travelers Should Know About India Before Visiting

If you are considering India as your next travel destination in Asia, you should be prepared before you go. Weather, holidays, and certain customs in India may be different th (MORE)
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Make the Most of Your Trip with an India Travel Book

One of the most popular places to visit among Asia travel enthusiasts is India. People flock there to take in the fascinating culture, explore the traditional way of life in t (MORE)
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Accessing a Transit Visa for India

If your plan is to travel through India to reach your desired destination, you will need a transit visa. Although it's not too difficult to obtain, it is imperative that you h (MORE)
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Why should I be interested in science and technology?

You cannot run very fast or for a long period of time. By capturing and domesticating a horse, you can harness its speed and power for short gain. A saddle, stirrups, and harn (MORE)
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Should India go ahead with nuclear test?

India is a growing economy. So for a growing economy energy is the most important thing. My personal view is India must do more nuclear test but not in next 5/6 years. We have (MORE)

Should India go ahead with nuclear tests and why?

yes, as the fossil fuels are scarce and the no. is decreasing day by day we have to find a cheap, efficient and clean source for energy generation. Also this makes the electri (MORE)