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What should India do to stay ahead in the science and technology games?

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india should not use the new system of science and technology..
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Should paul stay with his science group?

Yes! I think pauls science group is very good for him as it is very smart. Paul has exceled beyond his limits this year, and has become very confident when speaking out loud a

How science and technology changes your life and what should India do be in this race?

Science helps me understand more about myself, my environment, and the creatures and objects around me within the environment. Technology allows me to complete daily tasks mor

What is the meaning of stay ahead of the pack?

Continue doing better than those around you; Be the best; to excel. The meaning comes from the image of a wolf pack, where the leader is always at the head of the pack.

Why should I be interested in science and technology?

You cannot run very fast or for a long period of time. By capturing and domesticating a horse, you can harness its speed and power for short gain. A saddle, stirrups, and harn

What is science and technology?

Science and Technology   Science and technology is a term of art used to encompass the relationship between science and technology. It frequently appears within titles o

How many hours is India ahead of Jamaica?

The difference is ten hours and thirty minutes when calculating from standard time in Jamaica; there is presently no DST there. The time in India is GMT plus 5:30 and there is

Why is Bangladesh hay an hour ahead from India?

Bangladesh mainly lies in the Eastern part of India. As we all know when you move East in the GMT timeline the time increases and when you move west in the timeline the time g

What is the scope of science and technology in India?

well there is great scope for advance sc and tech. in india , specially in agriculture and porducts . since india is an agri-economy country can offer great scope for the usa

What does technology have to do with science?

The difference is that science tries to explain what is measurable. Technology is the processes, inventions, or techniques that are applied to solve certain problems. They s

In what ways does technology depend on science and science depend on technology?

There are many ways they benefit each other. For example, without forensic science, we wouldn't the police equipment we have today. We learn about scientific innovations, such