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What should an Italian menu include?

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It should include some type of pasta, like lasagne or spaghetti.
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What should you include in a cafe menu?

A cafe menu should include a fresh variety of salads, hot and cold sandwiches-especially panini's, a house soup (a same type of soup that's available everyday), and a soup of

Why should McDonald's expand its menu?

The food sold by McDonald's is regarded by many to be very bad for your health if eaten too often - if this is the case perhaps it should make its food more healthy.

What is a menu?

The word menu is typically used in a restaurant setting. It is a list of options offered by the restaurant or establishment. It can also refer to any list of items from which

What would be included in a menu for high tea?

  Typically a high tea is a real meal eaten at a 'high' table. Foods such as meat, potatoes, casseroles and breads were served traditionally. It is/was dinner to people in

What document should you include with your resume?

Don't include your references unless specifically asked as this is personal information and a company doesn't need this information yet. Sometimes you'll include copies of t

Why the food which is made and presented should match the menu description?

If the food served to the customer is not as described on the menu then the customer will be upset. For instance if you ordered a beef steak, potato and pees and were served w

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Should McDonald's expand its menu?

The answer is yes, and in fact Mcdonalds is expanding it's menu every year. If you look back ten years ago and look at todays menu you will notice the number of items has almo