What should an Italian menu include?

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It should include some type of pasta, like lasagne or spaghetti.
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What does an Italian restaurant menu look like?

An Italian menu should feature distinct graphics that relate toItaly. There can be pictures of areas of Italy or Italian cuisineand wine. The menus are usually sophisticated w

What would be included in a menu for high tea?

Typically a high tea is a real meal eaten at a 'high' table. Foods such as meat, potatoes, casseroles and breads were served traditionally. It is/was dinner to people in Engla

Why should McDonald's expand its menu?

The food sold by McDonald's is regarded by many to be very bad for your health if eaten too often - if this is the case perhaps it should make its food more healthy.

What is 'lunch menu' when translated from English to Italian?

La carta a pranzo and Il menù a pranzo are Italian equivalents of the English phrase "lunch menu." The first-mentioned example is the more common occurrence as the ident
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What are some tips to understand an Italian menu?

There are a lot of tips to understand an Italian menu. Examples would include antipasti would be appetizers, usually soup is zuppa, pane means bread, salad is insalata, desser
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What is generally on an Italian restaurant's menu?

One of the things that is generally on an Italian restaurant's website is different types of pasta. Another thing generally on the menu is different types of pizza.