What should temperature be of air from air conditioning vent in home?

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Depends on Temperature It depends on the temperature entering the unit. Generally around 14 degrees less than the room temperature.
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What should the temperature of air from the heat vents be?

Automobiles: COLD TO HOT or if you want to be technical between 62+- to 92 +-Fahrenheit on average. if its too cold the heater obviously isn'tworking, but may I suggest first

Where in a room should vents be placed for central air conditioning?

Answer . In my opinion where the supply vents are located is not as important as where the return air vents are located. the supply vents should be located towards the out

Should home air conditioning vents blow the air up or down?

Up, do the fact that warm air rises and cold air will fall. So, force the colder air up and it will cool the whole area. ---------------------------------------------------

How many degrees should home air conditioning be at the vents?

measuring how effective your air conditioning is at the supply air diffusers will not be an accurate gauge of it's function. The temperature measurements should be taken just

How cold should air be from central ac vent in my home?

Anywhere from 15-20 degrees F below ambient (return) temperature. Take a temperature reading at a cold air register and at the air return. Registers farther away from the blow

What should the temperature of air from the heat vents be in house?

On the vents closest to the main unit it should read around the same temperature that the thermostat is set to after its been running and then as the venting increases the tem
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What should temerture at floor vent be for Air Condition?

It really depends. Check the air temperature at the furnace. Get a reading of the return air temp where you put the filter. Next, take a reading in the supply duct( where air
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What should the temperature of the air from air conditioning vents be in a house?

That depends on personal preference, and often depends on what season it is. If you are trying to cool your house, the temperature might be a little lower than optimum, and if